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The term “12th Man” in sports is used for the fans, as sports is nothing without its fans. We at THE 12TH MAN make your experiences as a fan more exciting and make sure you develop an even more passionate connection with the player or team you love to be a fan of.

To make your being a fan more worthwhile, we have come up with the following ways.


Do you have the tactical knowledge about your favourite sport? Use that to win exciting prizes every week/month. Choose a player or a group of players, and the better they perform in real life, the more points you earn, and the closer you are to winning prizes. Monthly prizes involve xxxxx and when the year ends, xxxxx will be awarded to the fan with the highest points at the end of that year.


Want in on the latest happenings in your favourite sport? We publish various articles and scoops which greatly satisfy your need to keep yourself updated with the latest news related to sports. You can also discuss your favorites sport with like minded people on our discussions panel, which will host online discussions and polls from time to time.


Want the world to see how passionate you are about your favourite team in sports? Make a video of you or your group showing the passion you have for your team, and upload it on our Video panel. Get views, likes and see your video going viral on the Internet. Let rival fans know your team is the best!!


Are you a creative sports fan? Do you often spend time making artworks about your favorite sport? With our unique platform, SportArt, you can let the world see your drawings, paintings, illustrations, posters or digital art. You can even hold exhibitions and sell your work online.


Not able to watch a game? Catch up with the latest scores on our website. Don’t miss a moment with real time coverage of top sports leagues across the world.


In future, we plan to introduce a sports merchandising shop, ticketing related to sports, sports tourism, and setting up a scouting network to find young stars who could one day be the next big thing in the sport they play in.



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