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Premier League Review Match-day 23 Winners and Losers


The cloak of invincibility carried by Manchester City finally got chiseled this week in the Premier League by a commander laying down the counter at the Merseyside allowing little space and time. Antonio Conte’s tussle with Mourinho off the field hasn’t ignited a spark in his players on the ground instead a lackluster display derails his ambitions even more.

Mixed feelings hit North London where a comfortable win for Spurs brings solidarity but an away loss for the Gooners saw the reemergence of #Wengerout sign stretching from London to Africa and beyond. The race for survival is getting complex with every match day. Wins for Palace and Bournemouth provide them a bit of breathing space with Brighton, Southampton, and even Watford feeling the heat. A crucial win for West Brom but the task remains tedious in those terrains.

Biggest Winners: Liverpool

Any Club who is going to beat City this season deserves to be honored and acknowledged and Jurgen Klopp has got the better of Pep in the past and once again he had the last laugh in an enthralling contest cementing his caliber to entertain and light up the spectacle at Liverpool. They are now on an undefeated streak themselves stretching up to 14 matches. Coutinho’s departure has taken away the distraction allowing diligence to prevail in this dynasty.

Biggest Losers: Arsenal

Both the London clubs Chelsea and Arsenal were in pole positions for this defaming title and can actually blame each other for their midweek cash that resulted in a below-par display at the weekend but then again Arsenal lost the match and can lose a lot more this month. Throwing away a lead by handing the momentum back to the opposition is not really a sign of a team whose main motive is to silence the critics every-time on the field rather than finding ways to win a football match implementing the nitty-gritty.

Best Team: Tottenham Hotspur

A comfortable win for the Spurs at Wembley which hasn’t been the case more often will give them belief heading into phase two of their difficult season where the home has been a hindrance. Spurs have not looked settled at the back after Toby Alderweireld’s injury early in the season but the defenders looked calm and composed on Saturday bringing solidarity at the back.

Stats:  Tottenham Hotspur 4 Everton 0

Total Shots (on target) Accurate Passes Accurate Passes % Shots Conceded (on target)
              20 (10)            484             84%                 7 (0)

Best Player: Son Heung-Min

Son has really shown his mettle this season, he has held his own and emerged as a more consistent threat throughout this season outshining the likes of Alli and Eriksen in the process. His evolution lies in his temperament that has helped him withstand the testing times. A goal and an assist with 84% accurate passing is scintillating

Honorable Mention: Andrew Robertson

An energetic, tireless and a brave display from the youngster against the mighty Manchester City have definitely made him a fan favorite earning respect from his peers and manager. The press late in the game from the fullback position into the opposition’s box was one of the highlights of the game lighting up the crowd in the process. He kept Sterling at bay hogging the sidelines frustrating him and City in the process, definitely earned some brownie points from the Liverpool faithful performing that holy deed.

Worst Player: Eden Hazard

Hazard was in hibernation mode for the entire first half against Leicester. His awareness and passing was off big time plus his control let him down more often, his body language felt dejected and he was shying away from 50-50 duels that can easily frustrate a fan, he redeemed himself in the 2nd half but the resilience and resolute was missing in his release. Watching him play for those 58 minutes was a misery.

Rumors in your window

Sanchez saga is becoming a sensation with City withdrawing the offer and shifting the ball in Manchester United’s court, Chelsea, as usual, sniffing in for an opportunity to disturb the deal derailing their rivals in the process. I really believe Alexis Sanchez would be a misfit at Chelsea where the likes of Willian and Pedro who can be operated as wing forwards have struggled to cement their place in the side. Manchester United looks a more viable option now with yet another inflated deal on the horizon.

Best Manager: Roy Hodgson

Of course, Klopp had the biggest result but I want to stick my neck out on Hodgson who has galvanized this Palace side that was pretty much done and dusted in the first half of the season. The Old school mentality of Hodgson prioritizing the home games has brought the hunger back at Selhurst Park. Burnley has been a tough nut to crack for the likes of United, Liverpool, Spurs, and Chelsea this season, Hodgson’s side kept their wits about them to gather 3 more crucial points in their conquest for continuity.

Best Match: Liverpool vs Manchester City (4-3)

The possession-based participation collided with a counterattacking system to provide an entertainer that lived up to the hype for a change. The best aspect of the contest was the energy and enthusiasm that was maintained by the players and the supporters throughout the match, the rigorous pressing, off the ball running, diagonal passes plus movement to match the runs were some of the highs that hoisted the banner of the English Premier League

Individual errors hurt City in the end but the late surge kept the contest alive and kicking, Liverpool, on the other hand, was meticulous on their moves absorbing City’s grasp on the ball to unleash deadly counters, especially in the second half.

Author’s Take

The inevitable hits the invincibles in this illustrious institution

Even the indestructible get struck by indecision in this industry

The New Year brings a ray of hope to challenge the exclamation

Hope can bring despair when the retribution resurfaces the Entity.


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