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Warriors talisman Steph Curry brands Draymond Green as ‘smartest player’ he’s played with

Golden State Warriors icon Steph Curry has labelled Draymond Green as the smartest player he has ever played with.


Golden State Warriors superstar Steph Curry has showered heaps of praise on teammate Draymond Green. The 33-year-old has labelled Green as the smartest NBA player that he has played with.

Curry is often renowned as the face of the Warriors’ three-ring dynasty. His incredible shooting range and ability to ghost past players with ease have also put him in the conversation for the GOAT basketball player.

However, no player is overlooked more for his contributions than Draymond Green. The 31-year-old doesn’t always get the limelight in comparison to Curry and Klay Thompson. The defensive star has changed his role following Kevin Durant’s departure from the Warriors in 2019.

Nevertheless, Green played a crucial role for the franchise during their triumphs. During their peak, they won He was the defensive enforcer for the Warriors, locking up the best players in the league. Now, Curry has highlighted Green’s importance and waxed lyrical about the three-time NBA All-Star.

Steph Curry lauds Draymond Green as the smartest player he’s played alongside

Due to his less-than-stellar numbers at the offensive end of the pitch, Green is often overlooked and at times, even slandered by many NBA fans. However, his teammates are well aware of his role in the team.

Steph Curry recently highlighted that in an interview. The three-time NBA champion spoke to ESPN and praised Green’s importance in the Warriors team. He also called Green the smartest basketball player he’s played with.

He said, “When he (Green) gets in a groove like that where he’s getting everybody involved, and having a Draymond-type night, it’s fun. Where scoring’s not really the difference-maker, it’s the way that he does the intangibles.

Curry explained how Green helps improve the entire team with his impact, “He makes everybody better by getting the ball on time and he can finish off plays also. He’s the smartest basketball player I’ve played with. It shows in moments and games like tonight where he just finds a way to impact winning in his own way.”

Green averaged seven or more assists in four of the last six seasons, including a career-high 8.9 assists for the Warriors in 2020-21. His impeccable vision and ability to make things easier for his teammates was on display throughout the campaign.

He had made a number of assists for Curry last season. Curry The Warriors eventually made it to the play-in round of the playoffs following a disastrous 15-50 finish the year prior. It was the worse season the Warriros underwent in their NBA history.

The Warriors will now be looking to build on their improvement from last season. With Klay Thompson also set to return to action, Curry and Green will be hoping to bring back the Warriors to the summit.


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