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Formula 1 News: Nico Rosberg offers advice to Max Verstappen on how to defeat Lewis Hamilton

Formula 1 News: Nico Rosberg has some tips for Max Verstappen on how to defeat Lewis Hamilton ahead of the final races of the season.


Formula 1 News: Max Verstappen is on the mission of ending Lewis Hamilton’s championship-winning spree. And in recent history, who could be better than Nico Rosberg to advise the Dutchman on it.

With Formula 1 travelling to its American leg of the season. Mercedes are the favourites to win in the US Grand Prix. However, Verstappen would be eyeing to succeed in the following two events in Brazil and Mexico.

With both teams unaware of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, the competition seems to be in balance. But at this stage, Hamilton’s experience would be one decisive attribute against the 24-year-old Red Bull driver.

Therefore, Rosberg, who defeated Hamilton in 2016 under similar pressure, has few words for the Dutchman, which can help the latter beat his biggest rival this season.

Formula 1 News: Nico Rosberg tips Max Verstappen on how to defeat Lewis Hamilton

Formula 1 News: Lewis Hamilton is best of all time, says Rosberg

The 2016 championship battle between Rosberg and Hamilton was intense. The rivalry was a costly affair for Mercedes. After that, Toto Wolff pledged never to have two superstars in the same cage.

The German is the only driver to defeat Hamilton in the turbo-hybrid era. Citing his experience, Rosberg claims that his former teammate has some weaknesses, which Verstappen can attack.

To win a Formula One World Championship, first of all, you need to look at your rival. In this case, it was Lewis, he was the only real rival, and he’s now proven to be the best of all time, so the level is unbelievably high. But, as is the case with any human, there are also some weaknesses,” said the German to Square Mile.

First of all, it’s important to be at your absolute 110% for the whole season, because anything less you’re just not going to have a chance against him. And it’s also important to be consistent over the whole season, to really not have any big, bad races, and deliver at every moment.”

And then Lewis also has these periods where he loses a bit of motivation – he has these dips in form – and there it’s important to maximise those moments, to keep him down for a bit longer. If all these ingredients come together, you stand a chance,” concludes the current Sky Sports analyst.

Formula 1 News: Nico Rosberg tips Max Verstappen on how to defeat Lewis Hamilton

Formula 1 News: Tolling for Nico Rosberg

Even though Rosberg won the championship once in four years against Hamilton in the same car. Rosberg’s announcement to retire soon followed after the triumph, citing his decision to stay with his family instead of racing across the world.

However, many publications opine that the strain behind his competition with Hamilton was also a significant factor behind Rosberg’s prompt retirement after winning the championship. Therefore, it’s often quoted that Hamilton lost the battle but not the war. As it’s not easy to maintain that level against him.

So far, Verstappen seems to have a strong mentality, but this is his first title challenge to Hamilton. It only remains to be seen what will remain of the two drivers after the end of this season.

Formula 1 News: Nico Rosberg tips Max Verstappen on how to defeat Lewis Hamilton


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