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IPL 2022: CSK stocks skyrocket after IPL’s value increases, SRH now looking to launch its own IPO


IPL 2022: Chennai Super Kings (CSK) had a phenomenal season in the fourteenth edition of the IPL. Moreover, the MS Dhoni-led team went on to lift its fourth IPL trophy. This is the second-best in the history of the Indian Premier League.

But the recent IPL was not as good as CSK’s for the other bunch of teams. Similarly, Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) and Mumbai Indians (MI) were the biggest disappointments of the Indian Premier League last season.

Sunrisers Hyderabad went on to finish last after registering only two wins in the whole edition. While Mumbai Indians could not even qualify for the semi-finals despite being the defending champions.

But Chennai Super Kings maintained their consistency throughout the whole edition and across both phases. As a result of that, CSK went on to win their fourth IPL title. This was after registering a vital win against KKR in the finals.

IPL 2022: CSK stocks skyrocket after IPL's value increases, SRH now looking to launch its own IPO
IPL 2022: CSK stocks skyrocket after IPL’s value increases, SRH now looking to launch its own IPO

However, the next season of the IPL season will see quite a lot of changes due to the inclusion of two new teams. Moreover, the acquisition process of the two new teams was completed in the last month in Dubai.

And the BCCI saw a massive increase in their financial purse and IPL value due to the inclusion of two new teams. RPSG group went on to buy the Lucknow-based franchise. While CVC Capital group went on to buy the Ahmedabad-based franchise.

IPL 2022: CSK, SRH and other team’s value significantly increases

The increase in the IPL value has only benefited various other teams. Chennai Super Kings have seen their shares skyrocket during this period. However, the shares were at an all-time high after CSK won its fourth title. 

But after the acquisition of two new IPL teams, CSK shares are unstoppable in the market. Moreover, reports suggest that Chennai Super Kings’ stocks have seen a whopping 1,500 percent increase since the 2018 win of CSK against SRH.

The brand of Chennai Super Kings is also all set to go past its parent company India Cements. Moreover, this will be the first time in Indian sports that a team will go on to outgrow its primary parent company itself.

And the growth trajectory also suggests that Chennai Super Kings will become a sports unicorn in India. A growth that will see new heights and achievements in the coming months and years.

Even the franchise of Sunrisers Hyderabad is growing at a rapid pace despite the disappointing performance this year. Moreover, the Sun Network-owned franchise is also looking to launch its IPO in the coming months.

SL Narayanan, Group CFO of Sun TV Network said, “If there is a way in which value unlocking can be done for the benefit of the shareholders, we would certainly look at it at an appropriate time.”


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