5 Best Transfers of the 2018 Summer Transfer Window

5 Best Transfers of the 2018 Summer Transfer Window

The summer transfer window has finally slammed shut in entire Europe and we had some exciting deals taking place in the last two months. Which of them were the best transfers?

Transfer windows are always crazy – With the unexpected deals, controversies, constant rumors and much more. But this summer was a lot different as it reached the height of unexpected deals. I mean how many of you really expected Ronaldo to leave Real Madrid? How many of you really expected the record for the most expensive goalkeeper to be broken twice in the span of one month?

But despite all the drama, some of the deals by various clubs were simply spot on. The new players have become an integral part of those clubs in no time and could play a crucial role in deciding the fortunes of their clubs in 2018-19. So, which are those best 5 transfers:

5. Andre Silva (Sevilla):

A lot was expected from Andre Silva when AC Milan signed him for €38m last year. He had scored 21 goals at Porto in 2016-17 and at the tender age of 21, he was scoring goals for fun with Portugal. But for some reasons, Silva simply couldn’t find his goalscoring shoes in Serie A. The striker endured a horrible year in Milan with just two goals in the league.

But the talent was always there and it still is. Silva scored 8 goals in Europa League for Milan, including qualifiers and also took his tally for Portugal to 12 goals in just 26 appearances. So all he needed was a little more time to develop before coming back to soak in the pressure at San Siro.

And he found a perfect place in the form of Sevilla FC. The Spanish club signed Andre Silva on a year-long loan move and he proved them right with a hat-trick in the very first league game. Sevilla finished 7th in league standings last season behind Villarreal and Real Betis. And they need and aim to do much better this time around.

Andre Silva could play a vital role in their revival in both La Liga and Europa League, Sevilla’s favourite competition. And it will also help the Portuguese to get his career back on track. What more do you want from a loan move?

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