5 Reasons why MS Dhoni shoud still be in the T20 Team

MS Dhoni Virat Kohli

Even though in the recently held series, India has defeated New Zealand 2-1 in T20 for the first time, but due to his poor performance, Dhoni remains a major target of the critics. Critics are constantly questioning Dhoni’s involvement in the T20 team. Also, many critics are shouting on the team management to remove Dhoni from the National team in the next series.

Regardless of how many critics are raising questions over Dhoni, this experienced veteran player of the team still has a lot of potential left in him. Because of this, he can still play for 2-3 years more. Today, in this article, we are discussing the 5 reasons that prove that Dhoni should not be removed from the T20 team right now.

1. World’s best wicketkeeper

Although currently Dhoni may not be able to flare up so much with his bat, but his performance behind the wicket is still amazing. Dhoni is the best wicketkeeper currently. His ability behind the wicket is unquestionable. Due to Dhoni’s sharp instincts and reflex, hardly anyone in the world could survive his stumping.

Indian team does not have any wicketkeeper of the calibre of Dhoni, who can replace him currently. Although new young faces like Rishabh Pant and Ishaan Kishan have emerged, they are still not up to the International Level.

2. Fitness

Although Dhoni’s is 36 years old, he is still one of the team’s fittest players. Because of his fitness, he can still beat many young players in the field. In this year’s Yo-Yo Test at the NCA Bangalore, Dhoni made his place in the top 5. In the same test, other senior players of the Likes of Yuvraj and Suresh Raina failed.Increasing age has not put any effect on Dhoni’s fitness and seeing his fitness, he can play comfortably until 2019.

MS Dhoni and Ravi Shastri

3. Ability to withstand pressure

In the limited overs game, players are expected to withstand pressure during the match and showcase their skills. Dhoni is always known for his calm attitude.Its one of the most important reason why Dhoni proves to be a better player for the Team.

Apart from this, he continues to talk to the rest of the players during the match, which reduces the pressure on the team and other players. Due to his ability to withstand pressure, Dhoni has succeeded in winning several matches for India.

4. Running between the wickets

One of Dhoni’s greatest qualities, whenever Dhoni runs between wickets, his speed and intensity is very good. Dhoni has such pace that he gets two runs where only a single could be possible and if he gets two, he can steal three runs easily. It is interesting to see him running with Manish Pandey or Kohli.

Kohli’s ability to run between the wickets has also been quite appreciated recently. Speaking at a  show ‘Breakfast with champion’, Kohli said, “While Running between wickets, when he (Dhoni) called 2 runs, I start running blindly because I know that if he said that it means there is a run there and we can do it “. When the current captain of the team says a thing then questioning Dhoni’s ability is totally wrong.

5. Clever strategist

Dhoni had given up the captaincy of T20 side at the beginning of the year, but seeing his activities in the field, no one can dare to say that he is not a captain.On many occasions, we have seen in the match that Dhoni is setting field placements. Also, Captain Kohli is seen chatting with him and taking guidance during the match.

In the final overs of the match, when Kohli goes on the boundary to field, Dhoni starts playing the role of a captain. Captain Kohli has himself said that whenever he seeks advice from Dhoni, his opinion is correct 9 out of 10 times Dhoni is still one of the best T-20 players in the world and it his presence in the Team is very essential for Team India.

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