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5 of the most shocking transfers this summer

Mbappe to Real Madrid

Football is a world with fans at its heart. Fans run the footballing world or any sport for that matter. And what fans demand is loyalty. But, in the modern day football, loyalty is rare. The players are looking for a club that can fulfil all his demands and similarly clubs are looking for best-fit players no matter the price. With the amount of investment in football, any player can move anywhere.

We have seen outrageous and shocking transfers in the past that have left fans bewildered and questioning their club and player for making the move. 

Here is a list of transfers that shook the fans

1. Federico Bernadeschi

Federico Bernadeschi has moved from Fiorentina to Juventus for a fee of 40m euros. Juventus vs Fiorentina is a rivalry based on bitterness, these always seem to carry more venom and vitriol, usually because those origins lie in one side feeling wronged by the other. There is a lot of bad blood between the two sets of fans and this transfer just added more to the rivalry.

Shocking transfers

The Fiorentina fans are unhappy with the transfer as they see another star player leaving them for rivals. Fiorentina fans unveil banner telling Federico Bernardeschi: ‘Who wouldn’t like to spit in your face… you s***** hunchback’ as he heads for Juventus. The fans have protested heavily against the player and have labelled him as a traitor.

The current mood hasn’t been so downbeat since the club went bankrupt in 2002 and was forced to start from the third tier, and the expected sale of Bernardeschi will only add to the sense of pessimism heading into the new campaign. 

2. Ruben Neves

When Wolverhampton agreed to sign Ruben Neves for a record transfer of 18 million pounds, the whole footballing world was in shock. There is literally no one in the footballing world who could have predicted this transfer. The Wolves fans were over the moon and Porto fans were left bewildered with one of the most shocking transfers of the season.

Shocking transfers neves

This transfer came as a very surprising one because Porto are a club who play in the Champions League while Wolverhampton play in the Championship, the 2nd division of English Football. Also, Ruben Neves is full international for Portugal and a move to a top European club would have been on the cards if not for Jorge Mendes.

Football’s super agent Jorge Mendes is thought to have had a big influence on the move. This move meant that Jorge Mendes is the guy who can pull anything off when it comes to transfers. 

3. Theo Hernandez

Theo Hernandez signed for Real Madrid from Atletico earlier in the window. Atletico Madrid board and coaches were not ready to let the player go. Atleti had flatly refused any dealings with their neighbours – and the move allegedly broke a historic ‘non-aggression pact’ between the clubs. To these allegations, Florentino Perez gave a clarification that the pact was for youth players. 

theo hernandez


Atletico player Saul when asked about Theo leaving he said, “If he doesn’t want to be here with us then we are not going to keep him. We will give all our affection to those who do want to be here and those who don’t want to be with us don’t matter to us.”

He was an academy graduate of Atletico and his move across the city has not gone well with the fans.

4. Leonardo Bonucci

Bonucci won the 6th consecutive league title with Juventus in the 2016-17 season. Juve also went on to reach their 2nd Champions League final in three years which they lost 4-1 to Real Madrid. The move came as a surprising one for the Juventus fans as they could not see this coming with the season gone so well for them. 

Leonardo Bonucci Milan

Leonardo Bonucci has revealed that he felt “the bond had faded” at Juventus and says that was a key reason he elected to move to AC Milan this summer. 

“In the last part of the last season, this bond had faded a bit on both sides and thus it was decided for us to go our separate ways. I was lucky enough to have this offer from Milan, which intensified quickly.”

“The players who played for Milan when I was a child are legends for what they’ve won and given to football. Then, when I got bigger, Nesta became my idol and I went on to become a defender,” he told Milan TV.

Juventus are now left with a big void at the heart of their defence while the fans are left broken hearted. 

5. Kylian Mbappe

Real Madrid are set to break the world record for Mbappe as Marca report that a deal has been agreed with AS Monaco. 

Mbappe broke onto the scene with an amazing season with Monaco where he scored 15 goals in 29 appearances.  Real have agreed upon a 180m euros deal with 160m upfront and 20m in add-ons. Monaco had denied earlier to have agreed to sell Mbappe to any club but that is about to change. 

Mbappe to Real Madrid

Although, Kylian Mbappe was expected to make a big transfer this summer yet the whole transfer comes in as a huge shock because none would have thought about the magnitude to which the saga has reached. The Monaco fans were already at a loss of words as they lost their top players one by one and this just adds insult to injury. Top clubs have already been cherry-picking Monaco over the last two seasons and this transfer is like pushing them into a deeper pit to come back from. 


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