5 WWE Superstars Fans Would Love to See Make A Return

Best WWE Returns

The WWE landscape hasn’t looked this good in years, especially after the recent brand split. However, there are still WWE superstars out there that should they make a return, the fan-base would lose their minds.

WWE is the biggest promotion in Professional Wrestling, so much so, that Wrestling is synonymous with WWE. However there are still wrestlers that make it to the WWE but then choose to leave, or be forced to leave.

These 5 Wrestlers had a very unique and giant impact on the Wrestling world, so much so that fans still clamor for their return.

5. Rob Van Dam

WWE Return #5

There are only a handful of people more athletic and as smooth in the ring as Rob Van Dam. RVD was dubbed “The Whole F’n Show” because quite honestly he was.

RVD was capable of high-flying moves as well as technical in-ring work. He was the most popular of the ECW original and was responsible for the most exhilarating spots during his run in WWE.

WWE Universe would love nothing more than a high flying superhero like RVD coming back to face someone like AJ Styles.


4. Edge

WWE Returns #4

Already a WWE Hall of Famer, it is next to impossible for the Rated R Superstar to ever come back to WWE. Edge had to retire after suffering way too many injuries to the neck. His last one, forcing his early retirement, breaking a million hearts worldwide, and causing grown men to shed a tear.

His retirement speech is one of the most emotional WWE moments and only Edge could illicit that kind of a warm response from the WWE even after being a despicable Heel (Villain) for the most of his career.

His battles with the Undertaker, Randy Orton and John Cena delivered matches that went down in history as one of the best.

His iconic hair, his kick-ass theme music and general vibe of cool is what made him an instant legend in the eyes of WWE fans.

Should he have been fit to wrestle today, seeing as he is still  young enough, it would be a joy to watch him share the ring with someone like Dean Ambrose or Seth Rollins.


3. Daniel Bryan

WWE Return #3

Daniel Bryan is currently the General Manager of Smackdown Live, but judging by the response he gets each time his music hits, it is evident that the fans would pay any amount to see the Bearded Warrior back in the ring.

Bryan was an instant hit with the WWE crowd, after garnering much praise and fame because of his work in the independent circuit. One of the most gifted performers to ever work for WWE, Daniel Bryan captivated millions and became the ultimate underdog and became the leader of the “YES!” Movement.

His undying popularity, his amazing in-ring work, his intensity on the mic has hardly ever been matched after his early retirement. He had been forced to retire due to prevailing injuries and concussions.


2. CM Punk

WWE Return #2

“CM PUNK! CM PUNK!” That’s a chant that has become a tradition in a WWE arena. The fans, even after 5 years and one failed UFC appearance, still clamor and beg for a CM Punk return. Such is the power of Punk.

Punk was a bonafide wrestling cult legend who established his brand by being one of the most refreshing, rebellious and just plain “cool” superstars on the roster.

He made his mark in the WWE with his Trademark “Pipe Bombs” which were essentially his promos that delivered hard-hitting truths about the WWE.

Punk is a sure-shot legend on the microphone and his promos were the absolute best in the business. That combined with his hard-hitting yet smooth in-ring work is what got him the title of “Best In The World”.

There is no doubt doubt that it would blow the roof off any arena when his signature “Cult of Personality” music hits.


1. Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy

WWE Return #1

WWE fans are not used to seeing the Hardy Brothers in this form.

Oh oh oh, if this were to happen. The entire landscape of the Wrestling world would change drastically if the Hardy Brothers ever decide come back home, to WWE.

The Hardy Boyz were one of the hottest tag-teams in all of WWE, and Jeff Hardy went on to have a memorable single’s run. Not so much for Matt Hardy, who was always the “Other Guy” in the tag-team.

This changed almost overnight when Matt Hardy came up with the “Broken Matt Hardy” character in TNA, which was both hilarious yet genius at the same time. The “Broken Matt” character is one character very hard to describe. He is Matt Hardy but blessed with “Broken Brilliance”. After years of suffering in Jeff’s shadows, Matt Hardy finally grew sick of his brother’s antics and “broke”, birthing a new character. Matt Hardy “deleted” his brother Jeff in one of the best matches in Wrestling history called the “Final Deletion” where the loser would forfeit the “Hardy” name. After which Jeff was known as “Brother Nero”. Here is the entire “Final Deletion”.

This resulted in Matt Hardy becoming the most talked-about wrestler in the world today. The Final Deletion is ridiculously stupid yet so entertaining, exactly what Wrestling should be.


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