AB de Villiers : Another player lost to injury?


A man who hadn’t missed a single test match in his life for his country for nine straight years, a man known for his impeccable fitness levels has now had to come to terms with a news no player would like to hear. Yes, one of the greatest players of the modern day game, Abraham Benjamin De Villiers has decided to take time off from international cricket for some time.

South Africa vs New Zealand was a heart breaking match for the side.
South Africa vs New Zealand was a heartbreaking match for the side.

ABD, as fans love to call him has had an elbow injury for six months now. He has been making progress with regards to his recovery, but the star batsman still feels he needs time to cope with it. The talismanic batsman is yet to lift a major ICC trophy, despite a career laden with mind blowing innings and moments. He aims to get fit to play again in the 2019 World Cup, hence the decision to give himself time.


What about domestic t20 Leagues then?

The explosive batsman has not ruled himself out from the cash-rich Indian Premier League, where he is under contract with the mighty Royal Challengers Bangalore. He has decided, though, that he would not be participating in other domestic leagues.

What does this mean for South Africa? 

This means that the Proteas are without their star man for the upcoming England test tour and two match test series with Bangladesh. Cricket South Africa should be expecting ABD back into the squad by late 2017 or early 2018 depending on his psychological and physical recovery post the injury. Yet, he has affirmed that he will not be retiring from any format anytime soon and it is just a normal break taking some time off.

With 2019 probably being his last World Cup, every South African fan will be hoping for him to win it before he retires.

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