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Abu Dhabi T10 Live: Andre Russell almost wins a match for Deccan Gladiators through his brilliant effort

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Abu Dhabi T10 Live: The coveted T10 league is already underway in Abu Dhabi. Moreover, various top players from the international cricketing arena are taking part in the unmissable league.

The T10 concept has become such a hit concept in World cricket. Moreover, various fans are loving the idea of something new and more entertaining in the cricketing arena. T10 has such a concept that only 10 overs are allowed per side.

And the risky formula has gone on to garner a lot of popularity among cricket fans. Moreover, certain cricket players are already supporting the concept and batting for official recognition by the ICC.

A player recently also suggested that the T10 League concept will be important for the growth of cricket. And that it should be supported for the inclusion in the Olympics so that cricket as a whole can grow.

However, recently a match was being played better Team Abu Dhabi and Deccan Gladiators. This T10 match had various twists and turns as no one would have expected. Team Abu Dhabi went on to win the toss and they choose to have a bowl first.

Moreover, a weak start saw Deccan Gladiators getting into a lot of trouble and a slow start. This was not expected from the strong team but their top order completely failed. As a result of that, Deccan Gladiators could score only 97 runs.

Abu Dhabi T10 Live: Andre Russell puts his body on the line to save the match

Team Abu Dhabi too could not get off to a good start as their top order went on to fail. However, their middle-order did the needed job and Team Abu Dhabi went more closer to the T10 match at the Sheikh Zayed Stadium.

The hosts wanted 5 runs on the last ball and the batsman went on to perfectly time the ball. However, Andre Russell was guarding the boundary and he put his body on the line. But constant replays went on to show that the all-rounder had touched the boundary line and Team Abu Dhabi won the match.

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