According to Reports, Mike Tyson Left After Seeing Jake Paul Box for 30 Seconds

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Legendary boxer Mike Tyson apparently lost interest in Jake Paul‘s match after barely 30 seconds, according to reports.

With an unblemished record and knockout victories over every opponent, he has ever fought. It includes former UFC champion Tyron Woodley, Jake Paul has taken the boxing world by storm.

Although a fight between Mike Tyson and Jake Paul has been proposed in the past, it has never happened. This October, The Problem Child will instead face Anderson Silva, also known as “The Spider.”

Iron Mike apparently left the influencer while he sparred. It indicates that even if Tyson isn’t fighting Paul. He also doesn’t appear to have much interest in even seeing him train.

Jake Paul is not anything Mike Tyson is interested in viewing

According to reports, Mike Tyson left after seeing Jake Paul box for 30 seconds
According to reports, Mike Tyson left after seeing Jake Paul box for 30 seconds

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Mike Tyson and Jake Paul were in Freddie Roach’s gym in Los Angeles, according to an interview with Fight Hype, but the champion preferred not to watch the fighter from YouTube.

Roach reported that Tyson “looked at him and departed.” “After watching him spar for 30 seconds, he asked, “Freddie, can we go downstairs and look at the pictures?” He is aware that’s where the desirable photos are. The former professional boxer said, “He wasn’t as intrigued as I was. Paul came to the gym and asked if he could use the ring.

He hasn’t replied to Tyson’s choice to leave after only a minute. But the influencer is still optimistic that he will soon face Iron Mike in the ring.

Jake Paul responds angrily to the idea that he sparred with Mike Tyson

Paul called Freddie Roach a “f***ing moron” after the illustrious boxing coach claimed Mike Tyson left after only 30 seconds of witnessing the YouTuber spar.

Paul will next face the challenge of UFC superstar Anderson Silva on October 29 in Phoenix after winning his first five professional battles. The boxing icon Tyson, who is a strong supporter of the YouTube star’s career and has frequently defended his participation in the sport, has also been mentioned in connection with a bout between the two.

In response to the accusation, Paul has given the following dismissive statement: “First and foremost, I saw these things that Freddie Roach was stating – that I was like sparring at his gym. First of all, Freddie is a f***ing moron and a hater; I’ve never even exercised at Wild Card gym. He literally no longer trains any quality fighters and despises Jake Paul.

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