Alexis Sanchez Has Finally Revealed The Moment When Messi Cried

Manchester United ace Alexis Sanchez has revealed that he saw his former teammate Lionel Messi in tears after he missed a penalty in a crucial tie.

Alexis Sanchez recalls that he saw Barcelona Talisman Lionel Messi in tears after they lost a Champions League semi-final to Chelsea in 2012. In real this story dates back to 2012 when Barcelona met Chelsea in the semifinals of the Champions League. Messi missed a crucial penalty as the Catalans converted a 2-0 lead to 2-2 draw with the English Giants – who were playing with 10 men on their team after John Terry was sent off for a rough challenge – which saw them lose the match 3-2 on aggregate.

Alexis Sanchez – who used to play for Barcelona at that time, started that crucial match and has now revealed that how hurt his teammate was in the wake of defeat and the Chilean feels that this incident shows the amount of pressure and responsibility players place on themselves at the highest level of the game.

Sanchez, who played alongside Messi when he plied his trade for Barcelona from 2011 to 2014, also believes that players can be unfairly criticized on the money they earn. Speaking about the moment when Messi cried, Sanchez said: “You might cry during a game if you lose a final. That’s all part of football.

In the Barcelona dressing room after the Chelsea game, I saw Messi cry. That’s because players demand so much from themselves. People don’t see that.”

The Manchester United ace, who earns a reported £350,000-a-week at Old Trafford, also believes that players are unfairly criticized on the money they earn. Speaking about this, Sanchez said: “I think football saves many people. It can give you a life of luxury, but people don’t see all the effort that goes in behind the scenes.”

“That might mean not seeing your family, or missing your mother’s birthday, many players are so focused that they miss the birth of their children.”

“Sometimes people say things such as, ‘He’s got too big for his boots’ or say, ‘He’s changed’. You buy a flash car and people say that you’re a show-off. I’ve learned so much over time and with the experience that I’ve gained. You can’t please everyone. There’ll always be one or two who get angry.”

Alexis Sanchez Believes That People Needs To See The Effort One Makes To Play At The Highest Level.

The Chilean further added that he loves football and isn’t affected by what some fans and media think about him. Sanchez added: “I’ve learned so much from playing football: I love football and that’s what I do. I enjoy myself and I’m just trying to be happy.”

Since joining Manchester United this January, Sanchez has featured three times for Mourinho’s men, scoring once and setting up another. Red Devils will back in action on Sunday when they visit Newcastle United.

Author’s Take-

I do agree with what Sanchez had to say. Players surely place a huge responsibility on themselves before playing at the highest level of the game. Speaking about judging on the wages one earns is surely wrong. One doesn’t see the effort a player has to make in order to play at the highest level of the game.

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