Alvaro Morata opens up about tough period he faced at Stamford Bridge

The Chelsea striker has bared it all with regards to his first season at English football, revealing that at times he did not want to speak to anyone.

Morata netter 11 times in 31 appearances following his arrival from Real Madrid, a final tally that was less than satisfactory considering his start, when he scored seven goals in his first seven games.

“I’ve learned many things from last season. It was very difficult for me,” Morata told Spanish newspaper El Mundo.

“I left home to play the World Cup and I wasn’t included in the squad anyway.”

“Now that my two sons are born I can control my emotions a bit better, both the positive and negative ones. I am happy when I am outside the pitch.”

The Spaniard also added that he sometimes struggles to control his emotions while playing for Chelsea, and was not in the best of moods during the second half of the season.

“I’d like to be happier when I play,” he continued. “I need to score more goals in order to be happier. I was really sad a few months ago.”

“I wasn’t depressed but I didn’t live my situation very well. People used to love me, I scored seven goals in the first seven games at Chelsea.”

“Then I got injured and I was playing even if I was feeling pain. There was a lot of tension and I didn’t want to speak to anybody.”

“One day my wife told me that I wasn’t handling the situation in the right way. I was angry because I thought she was against me too.”

Morata now has twin sons, Alessandro and Leonardo, after his wife Alice Campello had given birth on July 29.

That as when the striker changed his squad number from nine to 29, in order to honour his children, and he has scored twice in his last two appearances for Chelsea.

Author’s take:

It is never a nice thing to see a player suffer mentally and emotionally after moving to a new country and league, so it is nice to see Morata get out of the dark times and being willing to talk about it. Having started off so well, he has struggled over the past eight months, but having scored 2 in his last 2, one hopes he can rediscover the form that made him a €58 million signing in summer 2017.

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