Arsenal stars could quit social media as Thierry Henry leads the fight against online abuse


Recently Arsenal legend decided to quit social media. Henry took this action because of the online abuse and mental torture players have to face. The Arsenal legend posted a photo on his social media informing him about the decision. Henry is currently not using Instagram and Twitter so that a message can be sent to the social media giants.

According to the Daily Mail, Gunners could follow the suit and boycott social media. Arsenal has tried to take the matter into their own hands as well. Recently Arsenal launched their own social media campaign called #StopOnlineAbuse. Arsenal currently has 19M followers on Instagram and 17.2M on Twitter.

There have been talks with the Arsenal players as well. The Premier League club has now prepared its own action plan to deal with the issue. In recent years Arsenal players have been subject to various “Hateful, racist and discriminatory words” as well.

Arsenal’s male and female teams have held a dialogue in this regard. During the discussions, the idea of leaving social media giants like Instagram and Twitter has been mooted. Henry is the first high-profile star to take action on this issue.

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No social media for Arsenal

The club legend Henry has put in a very valid point to strengthen his argument. He argues that social media companies should as active as they are in dealing with online hate as they are for copyright.

Henry wants social media companies to bring some regulation on online hate. It has become too easy to abuse someone online and stay anonymous. The club legend further argued that this online abuse has become very toxic for players.

Arsenal players like Willian, Xhaka, and Nketiah, etc. have faced a lot of online abuse. Granit Xhaka has even received hate messages targeting his family. On social media, summer signing Willian was monkey by some fans.

Currently, the Gunners are taking care of every matter case by case. However, there is a sense that more Premier League clubs will come forward. Other Premier League clubs could soon support the cause initiated by the London club.

Arsenal demand

Arsenal stars could quit social media as Thierry Henry leads the fight against online abuse

The Premier League giants have raised some demands regarding this issue. Social media companies should verify the IDs of people before they call.

These are some of the things suggested by the North London club for social media companies to improve their standards regarding the issue. The Gunners have set a task force as well. The job of this task force will be to provide emotional and mental support to players who receive online abuse.

The team will have people from legal and media. This approach will help Arsenal to effectively deal with online abuse.

Now they will have better advice from a legal perspective as well. Arsenal has also vowed to ban any of their own members if he or she is caught promoting this social evil. 

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