Arsenal Transfer News: Struggling star who endured “unpleasant” Mikel Arteta call set for loan exit


Arsenal Transfer News: When the Gunners signed Nuno Tavares last season, they thought they were a great back up for Tierney. However, he is on his way out just after one season even though it’s a loan move.

Tavares played more than what the Arsenal facts expected in the first season. This was mainly due to the injuries to first-choice left-back Kieran Tierney. Tavares definitely struggled to meet the requisite quality in some of those games. By the end of the season he lost the trust of the manager because of his performances.

The young Portugal Under-21 international had a below par debut season. He was substituted twice before the first half ended. The first incideny happened after less than 40 minutes of an FA Cup third-round clash at Nottingham Forest.

After Tavares failed to follow his directions, Arteta decided to replace him with Tierney. The young defender was enraged by the substitution. He walked to his bench in disgust and tossed his gloves to the ground in protest.

Arsenal Transfer News: What did Arteta say?

Arsenal Transfer News: Struggling star who endured "unpleasant" Mikel Arteta call set for loan exit
Arsenal Transfer News: Struggling star who endured “unpleasant” Mikel Arteta call set for loan exit

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After that public outburst, Arteta quickly clarified that he was merely working in Tavares’ best interests. “It’s not easy to make those decisions; it leaves a nasty taste in your mouth.

“At the same time, we’re here to help our players, and to help our players, you have to do it in a variety of ways. I have been angry when I was replaced after 45 minutes, but it’s all part of the process and development phase of any job, and it’s all part of the experiences.”

“Some experiences, regrettably, aren’t pleasant, but the majority of them, if approached correctly, can help you improve and become a better person or player.””

His inability to learn from his mistakes at Forest may have prompted a shift in his near future, as Arsenal considers bids for Tavares from foreign clubs.

What teams are interested in acquiring Tavares?

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Marseille and Atalanta, both in Ligue 1 and Serie A, are interested in bringing Tavares away from Arteta next season. Marseille was the first to approach the £7.2 million guy, according to Lions de l’Atlas.

Arsenal and Marseille enjoys a good relationship. The Gunners have send their players to the French club on loan in the past.

Matteo Guendouzi and William Saliba have joined Marseille on loan from Arsenal, with the former appearing to be a permanent fixture.

The French club might offer Tavares with the ideal platform to resurrect his career and return to Arsenal as a more complete player. Gunners’ positive pursuit of Aaron Hickey is also one of the reasons for the departure of Tavares this summer.

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