As Roma News: Furious Jose Mourinho Sent off vs Atalanta


AS Roma News: In the second half of Roma’s loss to Atalanta on Sunday, Jose Mourinho was dismissed for rushing the field in anger.

After the official in the Serie A match chose not to give Roma a penalty in the 55th minute, Mourinho was enraged beyond belief. Caleb Okoli of Atalanta was accused of fouling Nicolo Zaniolo within the penalty area, but the decision was reversed, much to the chagrin of the Roma players and management.

Mourinho was spotted storming onto the field while yelling and waving his arms after the home players had encircled the referee. He moved back a little as the referee approached with the red card in hand, but had to be restrained by a Roma staff member as his face turned red.

He eventually stopped objecting and moved to the stands, still raging with wrath. Mourinho’s mood didn’t get much better after the game. Roma lost 1-0 to Milan at the Stadio Olimpico due to a goal from Giorgio Scalvini in the first half.

AS Roma News: Injury problems hurting Roma

As Roma News: Furious Jose Mourinho Sent off vs Atalanta
As Roma News: Furious Jose Mourinho Sent off vs Atalanta

With their fifth victory in as many league games, Atalanta moved atop Serie A. Whereas Mourinho’s Roma fell to sixth. Ironically, Mourinho’s famous tantrum occurred not long after he declared that Roma’s current injury woes were not worth crying about.

Paulo Dybala, a star striker for the home team, was absent due to a left flexor injury during warm-ups. Whereas Rick Karsdorp will require surgery for a damaged meniscus in his left knee.

What did Mourinho say?

“The team is in excellent condition. Since playing with 10 men needs less effort, pressing, and running, we were lucky to do so for virtually the whole game on Thursday, according to Mourinho, who spoke to DAZN before the game.

“Some played against HJK for 90 minutes while others barely played. Atalanta is always challenging since they excel at playing their game and making things difficult for the opposition. 

It’s difficult, but this is football, and there’s no use in whining right now since the transfer window is closed. Nicola Zalewski is returning and can play on the right as well.

“There are many small issues that need to be resolved throughout the season. Wijnaldum was the very significant one.

Not averse to controversies

Of course, Mourinho is no new to conflict with referees. He was dismissed back in February after the 2-2 draw with Hellas Verona following a usual outburst at the referee.

His reputation as a hothead has followed him throughout his career, which has carried him from Portugal to Italy, England, and Spain.

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