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Bad news for CSK fans after Deepak Chahar another CSK player tested COVID positive

Bad news for CSK fans after Deepak Chahar another CSK player tested COVID positive

Chennai Super Kings suffering from the worst conditions as almost 10 members from CSK tested positive and Raina flew back to India.

Recently, Chennai Super Kings (CSK) suffering from worst conditions after reaching the United Arab Emirates. Because at the time of 6 days isolation period many members from the team are tested COVID positive.

As per the IPL rules 6 days isolation period was mandatory after moving to the United Arab Emirates. In those 6 days, everyone should be tested for at least 3 times. If anyone found positive then they will further sent them to 14 days isolation period.

Whereas, members from Chennai Super Kings(CSK) including players and staff persons tested COVID positive. Names of players not revealed but earlier the report from Times of India disclosed that Deepak Chahar along with 10 members from CSK tested covid19 positive.

On the other hand, the report from Times Now stated that one more player tested corona positive. Therefore, the number of corona positive reached over 10 members from the Chennai Super Kings.

Forcing management to delay for the preparation of IPL

After reports of corona positive from a couple of players from Chennai Super Kings seems like they are forcing management for the delay in the preparation of the IPL. However, as per the IPL guidelines, all the players are under isolation and will be allowed in a biosecure bubble after doing a couple of corona tests.

Each and every team is under the isolation including Chennai Super Kings. But the source of virus infection didn’t come to recognize still. As they are still waiting to come out of the report of 2 staff members.

CSK player Suresh Raina way back to India

Bad news for CSK fans after Deepak Chahar another CSK player tested COVID positive

Along with coronavirus reports, Chennai Super Kings once again gets hits by another sad news. As their vice-captain, Suresh Raina returns to India due to some family problems.

The news of returning of Suresh Raina to India disclosed by CEO of Chennai Super Kings Kasi Viswanathan. He said that Suresh Raina will be unavailable for this 13th edition of IPL 2020.

He stated, ” Suresh Raina has returned to India for personal reasons and will be unavailable for the remainder of the IPL season. Chennai Super Kings offers complete support to Suresh Raina and his family during this time. ”

On the other hand, Suresh Raina was eager to showcase his brilliant gameplay after the long gap. However, he was out of cricket due to his injuries issues but his return to India puts all the eagerness of CSK fans in vain.

Due to Suresh Raina’s departure, Chennai Super Kings will look for his alternative in the market. But it looks though to them to get the player because the team is suffering from coronavirus issue and in this condition, there is less chance of joining the player with them.

Henceforth, there will be late to Chennai Super Kings for starting their training session. But the players of almost 4 teams had started their training sessions on the particular stadium.

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