Barcelona Losing Their Identity According to Former Player

Barcelona loosing their identity according to former player

Relying on the Homegrown Talent is Survival: Jeffren Suarez

When time moves a pawn, the strongest of the warriors bite the dust. Similar is the case of Barcelona who has seen the limelight of the football industry. According to a former player, the club has started to neglect a core instinct that gave them this glory. Former attacker, Jeffren Suarez is of opinion that the Barcelona is promoting its homegrown youth players as it used to before. The youth play in the training camps and junior clubs, but making it to the senior 11 has become a tough nut to crack.

“Barcelona is a top team and other teams are good, but they will never be Barcelona”, Jeffren said.

Jeffren Comes With a Past

Before joining the top dogs of the football industry, Suarez was himself one of the Barca youth players. He was a part of the Pep Guardiola era. At that time, Barcelona was at the top of their game. And being a player of that era, Suarez has many good thoughts for his team.

Barcelona loosing their identity according to former player2

Jeffren Suarez in the colours of Blaugrana.

He commented on the team, “Lately that philosophy is being lost, I think that the majority of the teams make signings and Barcelona have to make them too. It’s a shame because we know that Barcelona have always taken players from the academy and I think that’s why there are players who make the decision to continue their career elsewhere. They bet more on outside players now.”

Author’s Take

Barcelona is one hell of a team you wouldn’t want to mess with. But the fact that this team has given up to its old ways of dominating the fields is also dominant. You can grab a good player from the market, but what about the ones that groom under you? Definitely, they also matter and they deserve the senior team more than anyone else. The fabled La Masia academy has never been worse shape sine Johan Cruyff revolutionised Barcelona’s youth setup. The head honchos at Barcelona need to look at the state of their academy and get it back on its feet. If Barcelona is to succeed for years to come then La Masia needs to play an important role in the team composition.

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