Revealed: Barcelona not happy with club record signing Philippe Coutinho

Revealed: Barcelona not happy with club record signing Philippe Coutinho

 The former Liverpool playmaker moved to Barcelona to become the third most expensive footballer but it has been revealed that the club isn’t happy with the Brazilian lately.

After months and months and months of chasing the Brazilian star, Barcelona has finally managed to grab Philippe Coutinho from the arms of Liverpool. Shelling out an incredible £142 million for the 25-year-old, the Catalan giants made Liverpool an offer they simply couldn’t refuse. Now the Brazilian has opened up and talked about Lionel Messi, Andres Iniesta and even why he joined the club.

The former Liverpool star has struggled to make too much of an impact in his first six months at the club, but everyone expected that. However, even now nearly a year after arriving, Coutinho has struggled to meet the club’s expectations, despite scoring five goals and producing three more over the Champions League and the La Liga.

He even opened his account in the El Clasico with a decent effort but the Brazilian has still struggled to replace the prolific Neymar, the very man he replaced. The other Brazilian made last season’s summer transfer window his own personal soap opera before moving for an incredible 220 million to PSG, and while has been in relatively good form, rumours have linked him back to Spain.

Especially with reports from the Mirror and Marca, revealing that Barcelona isn’t happy with Coutinho as the 26-year-old has struggled to meet the expectations that the Catalan giants have set for him. While they are rather lofty expectations, it further adds that while Coutinho has scored at crucial times, the Brazilian has been criticised for not making a difference on the field.

Author’s take:

There is a reason as to why Barcelona made Liverpool an offer they couldn’t refuse. Simply, it allows Philippe Coutinho six months of trial and error to find his footing in the relatively brand new league, or rather a league he hasn’t played in since he was 19 years old. The Brazilian is a magician and has the ability to do great things for Barcelona, but he needs a little more time to adjust.

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