Barcelona are ready to take on anyone – Ernesto Valverde

Barcelona manager Ernesto Valverde

Ernesto Valverde and Barcelona are now a part of the last 16 in the Champions League, and Valverde insists that the Catalans don’t fear anyone.

Barcelona is so far leaving a pretty good impression in the Champions League. They are now a part of the final 16 in teams that will battle to conquer this title. And while they did have a comparatively easy time, winning four games and drawing 2, ending the group stage of the competition unbeaten. However, despite that, everyone is sure enough that the next stages will be colossal as compared to this one.

Ernesto Valverde and his team rejoicing after a win.

The Spanish leaders have made their way into the 16 most prominent there are. But, there are also the ones who are worrying too much about it. There are people who are afraid that their favorite club cannot make it until the end. So, there’s good news for such people. First, Barca is so far the best defense in this Champions League. And secondly, this tweet kind of sums it all up!

Ernesto Valverde Insists that Barca Fears None

Third and the foremost, even Valverde is confident and ambitious that his team can take on anyone in this league. Valverde is also looking at the entire tournament, but the prospect of a difficult opposition doesn’t intimidate him at all!

He says, “We don’t know what could happen in the draw,”. After that, the coach showed a high ambition that Barcelona will ‘accept any opponent’. Ernesto Valverde furthermore highlights that they have been paired with Celta Vigo in Copa del Rey, which he considers a tough team.

According to the Barcelona manager, the strategy for dominating the pitch is simple. He further added “Our plan is to dominate matches and to create chances, at the same time as making sure they don’t create chances against us. We try to do things as well as we can. Sometimes we play wonderfully and sometimes less so.”

Author’s Take

Ernesto Valverde is very ambitious about his team and having confidence in his boys will help the team achieve their goals in a better way. If they are as ‘superior’ as their coach says they are, then definitely, the future performances of Barcelona will be very amusing and interesting to watch.

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