Brazilian Legend Claims He Was A Better Player Than Cristiano Ronaldo

Gremio boss Renato Gaucho claims he was a better player than Cristiano Ronaldo as the Real Madrid star “doesn’t have much influence outside the box.”

Gaucho, who players for several Brazilian clubs in the 1980s and 90s made headlines across the world after saying that “for sure” he was better than the Real Madrid star. Gaucho was undoubtedly one of the top performers in the Brazilian league between 1980 and 90. The Brazilian star was well known for his foot-volleys. He was a resourceful forward, who helped Gremio win the Intercontinental Cup in 1983, which was considered equivalent to the Club World Cup at that time. He played 40 matches for Brazil. Gaucho was part of the Brazilian squad which won the Copa America in 1989 and he was also a part of the 1990 World Cup squad.

Renato Gaucho

Gaucho who currently manages Gremio, said: “I still think I was better than Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese don’t have much influence on the game outside the box. I can’t compare myself to Zidane because we played in different positions.”

“I’d like to have the calmness that the Frenchman has. I think he’s a good Coach and he’ll get better, although I’d like to have the team he has.For me, Zidane was a world champion and I wasn’t.”

This is not the first time that the Brazilian has attracted the headlines with his controversial statement. Earlier this year, Gaucho said that he doesn’t have to study soccer to be a good coach.

Gaucho said: “Those who need to learn can go study in Europe, those who don’t can go to the beach. Those who know football will always know it. Those who don’t will have to go study it.”

Author’s Take-

I think Gaucho was surely a decent player. But he should really doubt his skills when comparing to Ronaldo. Ronaldo doesn’t have much influence out of the box, as it’s not where he is supposed to play his game. He plays the role of ‘Fox In The Box.’ Playing the role of a ‘Fox in the Box’ requires intelligence, high composure, high agility and a great finishing technique. These days Ronaldo seems to depend more on his athletic buildup, rather than his pace. The Real Madrid star conserves his energy, waits for a promising pass and then channels all his focus onto, getting the ball behind the net.

Brazilian Legend Claims He Was A Better Player Than Cristiano Ronaldo
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