Breaking: Sarri Comments On ‘Refusing Handshake’

Sarri appeared to have snubbed Guardiola’s handshake after the final whistle where Chelsea were ruthlessly brushed aside by the hosts.

Chelsea were drubbed by Manchester City. They are now sixth in the points table and with Manchester United continuing their fine run, it will be tough for Chelsea to crack into the top four again.

At the end of the final whistle, where City had humiliated Chelsea, Sarri appeared to be refusing Guardiola’s handshake. The former Napoli coach asked why said he hadn’t seen the City coach. He said, (via

“No I didn’t see him at that moment. Of course, as usual, I will go to say hello to him later, as usual. It was by chance because I wanted to go to the dressing room and at that moment I did not see him. I have not a problem with him.”

Sarri asked if he was worried his style wouldn’t work at Chelsea, said he didn’t see his style against Manchester City. He said,

No because today I didn’t see my football. So… no, at the beginning it worked. So now we only have to understand the reason why at the moment it isn’t working.”

“We need to understand the reason. It is not easy. At the beginning we played better away than at home, now we are playing better at home rather than away. Something has changed, at the moment I am not able to see the reason, but I have to work for this. My target is to play my football, it is not to change to another football. At the moment we are playing another football.”

Author’s Take

Sarri has cleared the air that he had not seen Guardiola. Had he not said this, it would have gone on to become a big debate in the social media. Meanwhile, Manchester City coach said that Zola had told he had not seen him.

At the moment, Sarri’s role at Chelsea remains under scrutiny and we will need to wait and see what decision the club will take after this humiliating defeat.

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