Champions League News: Madrid prevails over Liverpool once again


Champions League News: It was not quite the final we all were expecting, but the game was never low on intensity. Both sides were pushing from the 1st minute to the last whistle.

Although, there was bound to be one winner and one loser. Fortunately for Madrid, they ended up as Champions again. This is the second time Real Madrid has defeated Liverpool in the final.

While the last one had more goals in it, this was a rather cagey game. Liverpool had the upper hand from the very beginning but Madrid looked dangerous on the counter. Thibaut Courtois gave one of the best performances of his career.

At the end of the first half, Liverpool was the more dominant team and Madrid did not even have one threatening attempt at Liverpool’s goal. Although, the second half was an entirely different story.

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As the second half began Liverpool was again on the attack. Madrid was having difficulty breaking down Liverpool’s defensive lines and then all of a sudden Real were up 1-0.

It was a break from Madrid as Valverde carried the ball up the pitch and squared a delicious ball for Vinicius. The Brazilian did not disappoint and gave Real a 1-0 lead in the game.

But Liverpool was far from done. They kept coming at Madrid and it looked likely that the Reds would breakthrough. However, Madrid held on strong and most of the credit goes to Thibaut Courtois.

Mo Salah looked the most threatening player from Liverpool’s side. He brought out a couple of beautiful saves from the Belgian keeper. In a game like this, it is about who can carve out one clinical move and Madrid managed to do that.

Thibaut Courtois had a point to prove to the Premier League

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As per the Daily Mail, Courtois said in his postgame interview that he didn’t feel as if he was appreciated enough in the Premier League. He truly looked like a man who was in inspired form.

It was only fair to hand him the Man of the Match award. Courtois made 3-4 brilliant saves and kept a clean sheet for Real Madrid. Out of the two keepers, he was obviously the busier one.

Although, Real Madrid found the net once when it was ruled off. Then they did it again when Vinicius scored and could have had one more goal. If Militao could have squared that pass right it would have been 2-0 to Madrid.

It would be fair to say that although Liverpool was the more dominant team, Madrid was the more clinical one. In games like this, it’s often that one chance that can end up changing the tide.

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