Chelsea and United rivalry will decide transfer outcomes


Manchester United and Chelsea will lock horns in the transfer window to secure the signing of common transfer targets

Chelsea and United will take their on-field rivalry outside the football pitch in the upcoming transfer window. While there doubts regarding the fate of the current season and when the transfer window will open, it won’t be later than October. That is what is being speculated currently. However, whenever the date of opening might be, Chelsea and United are surely going to dominate the English market.

It seemed a matter of time till 20-years-old Jadon Sancho moved back to England from Borussia Dortmund. The English winger’s progress in German would surely have not gone unnoticed by big clubs back home. He has scored 31 goals in 90 games. Keeping that aside, his overall playing is also very important for teams. Sancho’s passing, dribbling, and finishing are exceptionally strong. His set-pieces are also very accurate.


Birmingham City’s 16-years-old Jude Bellingham is also predicted to join big name in the summer. The lad is yet to a professional contract, which he will do after his 17th birthday in June. However, he has also mesmerized with his brilliant performances on the field. Bellingham is extremely versatile with his position on the field and can play almost anywhere. He is good with his through balls, interception, tackling, and defensive contribution.

Jude Bellingham

Both Manchester United and Chelsea have shown interest in Bellingham and Sancho.

United are relying on the friendship between Sancho and Marcus Rashford to bring him to Manchester. They have also promised him the coveted number 7 shirt if he joins them. Dortmund, however, are not willing to sell Sancho below the rate set for him.

Chelsea and United and the Youth

At the minute it is impossible to say with any degree of certainty which destination Sancho or Bellingham prefer. However, Chelsea and United are emerging as the destination for young players. The credit for this boils down to respective managers Frank Lampard and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Lampard has relied heavily on the Chelsea youth this season amidst the transfer ban his team faced. He has already given debuts to eight academy players this season, on top of putting Tammy Abraham and Fikayo Tomori in central roles.

The youth players at Chelsea

Solskjaer has also brought through plenty of promising talent from Mason Greenwood and Brandon Williams alongside providing a platform for Scott McTominay and Marcus Rashford to develop further.

Such proven track records give both clubs an edge. It makes total sense for a young player and his representatives to join clubs where youth movements are in place.

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