REVEALED – What lengths Chelsea went to to secure Barkley transfer

Ross Barkley’s transfer saga continues, with reports saying that his agent received nearly half the transfer fee in fees.

The 24-year-old came extremely close to a move during the summer transfer window, with Chelsea the main horse in the race. However, the Blues capitalized on the Ross Barkley refusal to sign a new contract and bought the former Everton playmaker for a mere £15 million. However, now it has become another transfer saga after the police had been brought in and now reports that Barkley’s agent was paid £7million in fees.

Ross Barkley

The Blues were able to get a brilliant deal for the English international paying only £15 million instead of £35 million and this has led to many complications for Chelsea, Barkley’s agent and even Ross Barkley himself. With the Mayor of Liverpool getting involved in the matter, it looks like things have become even more serious. According to reports Joe Anderson Mayor of Liverpool sent a letter to the FA, the Police, and the Premier League to investigate the transfer.

However, what may further irritate fans and possibly fuel the conspiracy is the fact again according to reports by the Times, Ross Barkley’s agent Paul Martin has received nearly £7million in fees, which could raise eyebrows at the Goodison Park. While it is nothing compared to what Philippe Coutinho’s agent received or even Mino Raiola after a number of transfers, the £7million is half the transfer fee that Chelsea paid Everton.

But despite that, both the Premier League or the FA have ruled out opening an investigation into the transfer and furthermore, according to reports from the Times, there is no obvious evidence of any wrongdoing taking place.

Author’s take:

There could be some serious consequences for both Chelsea and even Ross Barkley if evidence of fraud is found, what the punishment will be nobody will ever know. However, putting that aside Ross Barkley’s arrival has given Chelsea a massive midfield boost and while he has been out injured for first half of the season, he has resumed training and thus will be available to play in all four competitions for the Blues.

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