Chelsea News: Club crisis worsens as another sponsor backs out 


Chelsea News: The Blues have suffered another crisis as Parimatch has now paused their relationship with the Blues. This comes after Three, Hyundai, and Zapp had done so earlier. 

The Blues’ condition became uncertain after the UK government froze the club as it is an asset of Roman Abramovich. Owing to this, the Blues have had to curb a lot of activities within the club. 

The ban by the UK government is in accordance with Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Roman Abramovich is reportedly close to Vladimir Putin. Hence it is believed that the Russian billionaire had a part to play in funding the war. 

Owing to this Roman Abramovich has suffered a massive backlash in the past month. Hence the Russian businessman has even decided to sell the Chelsea Football Club. Buyers are already lining up to complete the takeover. 

Chelsea News: Parimatch suspends their sponsorship deal! 

Chelsea News: Club crisis worsens as another sponsor backs out 
Chelsea News: Club crisis worsens as another sponsor backs out 

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As per the Mirror, Pari Match has become the latest sponsor to suspend their deal with Chelsea. This comes after Zapp, Hyundai, and Three had done it earlier in the month. 

Parimatch has been in support of Ukraine since the war broke down in the country. They have also been advertising their space in Premier League games to post anti-war messages. 

The Sports betting company has also made a huge donation in support of the Ukrainian people. Parimatch has reportedly sent around £1.5 million to the Ukrainian government to provide help to the civilians. 

Parimatch updated their relationship with Chelsea in a written statement. The said statement read, “After considering the situation, we have decided to pause all joint marketing and brand campaigns with the Chelsea Football Club featuring the Parimatch logo and brand.”

The sports betting company did add that they have agreed to use the LED board at Stamford bridge to post donation links for Ukraine. Parimatch also added that the Chelsea officials were also in favour of helping Ukraine. 

But even though Parimatch has suspended their deal. It is unlikely that Chelsea will be able to remove their logo from their shirts. Here’s why…

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Why didn’t the Blues remove the Three logo after the company suspended its deal?

Three paused their sponsorship deal with Chelsea a week back. But still, the Blues are wearing the logo on their jersey even though Three themselves have asked the club to remove it. This has left fans wondering why!

The reason for this is that the Blues can’t put in money to make changes to their jersey or print new kits as per the UK government’s sanctions. Hence have to make use of the old kits which have already been printed. This would be the case with all the sponsors that have suspended their deals. 

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