Chelsea News: We could know who the next owners would be on April 18th 


Chelsea News: US brokers, the Raine Group are taking the bids on behalf of Roman Abramovich. The group has now given additional deadlines to the shortlisted buyers to improve their offers. 

Roman Abramovich had decided to sell the Chelsea Football Club in February last year. But due to the sanctions placed by the UK government, the Russian billionaire won’t be able to involve himself in the sale process. 

The UK government has frozen all of Roman Abramovich’s assets within the country and this includes Chelsea. Hence a special license has been given to sell the football club after multiple discussions.

Owing to this, The Raine Group has taken over the sale process on behalf of the Chelsea owner. They have invited bids earlier in the month, following this they have shortlisted them down to four bids. 

Chelsea News: 18th April set as the deadline day! 

Chelsea News: We could know who the next owners would be on April 18th 
Chelsea News: We could know who the next owners would be on April 18th 

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As per the Mirror, The Raine Group has narrowed the number of buyers to four. These buyers have been given two deadlines to make changes and submit their bids for the next process. 

April 11th has been the first deadline that has been set by Raine. By this date, all four parties are expected to submit fresh bids for the club. It is expected that any bid above £2.5 billion could have a really good chance to take over the club. 

After this, the Raine Group will pick out the winning bid and present it to the UK government on the 18th of April. Once the green signal is given, a special license will be secured to go ahead with the sale. 

Richard Masters, the Premier League chief executive has claimed that the new Chelsea owners could take over within 10 days. This means that we could see the new owners take over Chelsea by the end of April. 

But this is a fast-tracked solution. Instead, it is believed that the entire takeover process could take about a month or so. Hence it is believed that the new owners may take over the Chelsea Football Club in the last weeks of the 2021/22 season.

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Who are the four bidders? 

As stated earlier, the number of bidders has been shortlisted to four by the Raine Group. No other bidders or will be added to this as of this moment. These bidders have already had a chat with various Chelsea fan support groups as well. 

Todd Boehly, the co-owner of the LA Dodgers is currently one of the favorites to take over the club.  But British Airways chairman Sir Martin Broughton is also being considered as he has support from within the club.

Apart from them, The Ricketts family, who own the Chicago Cubs, and the Boston Celtics co-owner Stephen Pagliuca are the four selected bidders. Hence it has to be seen who would take over the club in about a month.

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