Tuesday, January 25, 2022

‘He is like Usain Bolt’-Chiellini in all praise for former teammate Pogba


Usain Bolt, the fastest sprinter ever, the fastest human on earth, has no comparison at all, doubtlessly.But we as humans keep watching about resemblances in characters and calibres of one personality with another.That’s why Italian footballer Georgio Chiellini affirmed in praise for his former teammate Paul Pogba, that he is like Usain Bolt, and also like LeBron, the basketball star.The footballer, adept as a defender in the game, Chiellini held up this assertion in two separate talks and interviews.

Does this state Chiellini is out of personal admiration for his Pogba or is it really a fact worthy of future?

Paul Pogba

Jame’s list of achievements is long and intriguing.Having won two Olympic medals, one of the greatest prestige, NBA championships and awards, he is very much of what we say best.And the Jamaican athlete, the Lightening Bolt turns us all speechless.Seems like he is apart of this land, beyond limits of usual capacity, the eleven-time world champion.

Needless to say, Paul Pogba is aspiring as well as ambitious figure.He manages well both the positions of defence and attack in the game, flashed up victorious in world cups and is honoured with Best Young Player Award.During FIFA U-20 world cup, when he made Best Player Award to his name, then it was yet another feather in his cap.

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Paul Pogba Juventus

But Pogba, in logical terms, is not still at the top of the story.However, it is never appropriate to weigh someone’s calibre.And besides all, Pogba is too young to be judged of his future.

The Juventus, the club which Pogba left, has certainly lost a gem.He has been a promising player and is now going to make United proud.And as for Chiellini’s remark on his friend, it is out of either admiration or anticipation or, unbiasedly factual.

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