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Clattenburg not in Approval of the Tierney’ Early Whistle for Halftime at Anfield


The battle for the title has shown some alignment towards Manchester United after the goalless draw on Sunday evening at Anfield. Such an awaited fixture of Premier League ended in a note of disappointment scoreline but packed with much action.

The Champions had a tough time from the leaders’ Manchester United at home but managed to get one point, thanks to goalkeeper Alisson Becker for the stiff positions in front of the goal.

Football fans expected a bunch of goals but the fact that the two best keepers on the planet displayed their class in front of the roaring attacking line of Europe. The match ended in a goalless draw which is quite likely beneficial for manager Ole Gunner Solskjaer and boys.

Along with the analysis, some referee’s decision facts also went to the debate table after the game. The 40-year-old Paul Tierney was in charge of the clash of titans and the six-second early disperse to the half-time caught the eye of the football world and Mark Clattenburg.

clattenburg tierney

As per reports, former referee Clattenburg opened up the spark last night acknowledging that Tierney should have allowed the Sadio Mane run in the final seconds of the extra time before halftime. Many of the Liverpool fans came up with support to the ex-referee.

Each second matters for Mane…

Sadio Mane on a good mood for the attack when the overhead ball from Xherdan Shaqiri landed outside the United box and Victor Lindelof was not in a good position to stop the Senegalese striker. A full-stretch attempt from Mane would have ended as a threat to United but the referee blows the whistle for halftime which provoked Liverpool fans.

The disappointment was clear on the field from the players too. The reaction of Thiago was conveying the discontentment to the decision. But Mane and Lindelof stood with Tierney by stopping by the whistle. The second half was also packed with more action but none of them find the breakthrough.

The gesture of Tierney was quite usual because it happens over instincts according to the flow of the match. But, in such an important fixture a small decision can change the result of the game. Soon after the news went viral, a lot of United fans came up with justifying facts on the decision of the referee.

The referee’ love of the past for United

Football fans took the whole incident in true spirit as the game was a complete thriller for the football fans. Sky Sports commentator Jamie Carragher connected the decision of Clattenburg with the Ferguson era in a ‘joke’. He said United is now enjoying the decisions of refs as they did in the Ferguson era(ManchesterEveningNews).

Days ago, Jurgen Klopp came up with the argument that United have won more penalties than Liverpool. Carragher’s comment was on a counter note to this. There was a say in England that referees were in favor of Sir Alex Ferguson when United was on the winning track.

Now, the situation is the same according to Carragher and the hidden pun in the statement has found the right spot in the football world. Clattenburg also admitted that times are different from when Ferguson was manager of United, arguing that there was an aura around the club that saw them given favorable decisions.

Clattenburg went on to admit that he may not have given Liverpool three penalties at Old Trafford in 2014 had Ferguson still been in charge of the Reds at that time instead of David Moyes. This also added more conversations in social media later.


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