Colombia Plane Crash: ‘Another Black Day in the history of Football’!


Adding one more black day to the football calendar a tragic incident occurred on Monday as a chartered plane crashed while on its way to Medellin. This plane which did contain 72 passengers was carrying the players from the local Brazilian team who were headed to play the finals of a regional tournament.

Medellin’s Mayor on his way to the plane crash site spoke to Blu Radio and recognised this as one of the major losses the country has faced. ‘”It’s a tragedy of huge proportions,” he said.

This aircraft which is believed to have crashed during Monday midnight according to local time might have some survivors.

chapecoense football team
According to latest reports 75 of the passengers have died in this plane crash including the players of this football club.

Adding to his statement, he said that the local help team is on its way to the plane crash site and it is still uncertain what exactly caused the crash.

According to some heavy rains and thunderstorms occurring recently in Columbia might be the reason for this crash.

This plane which made a stop at Bolivia was carrying the Chapecoense football team which was scheduled to play the final of Copa Sudamericana against Atletico Nacional of Medellin on Wednesday.

This local team from Chapeco was promoted to the first division for the first time since 1970 and had made it to the finals after an unbelievable win over Argentina’s legendary San Lorenzo team.

Get Live update on the status as well as condition of survivors on The Guardian.

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