Jimmy Neesham Retweeted Twitter Clip; Spreads Like Wildfire


Jimmy Neesham Retweeted Twitter Clip: Jimmy Neesham, the former New Zealand cricketer, recently took to social media to share a Twitter clip of a delivery that he believes is possibly one of the worst ones to get out on.

The video, which has since gone viral, shows a bowler delivering a bowl to a left-handed. But it seems that the ball just slipped from his fingers at the time of release. This in turn makes it look like, the delivery is way wide on the leg stump.

However, batsman’s comical error is what makes this clip so viral and funny. The left-handed batsman, in an attempt to make the most out of the loose delivery, ends up throwing up his own wicket. When he edged a way wide delivery straight to the wicket-keeper.

Jimmy Neesham retweeted this twitter clip with a caption that read- “Legitimately could be the worst ball in cricket history to ever get a wicket. Impressive.”

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Since the retweet by the ex-Kiwi player, Jimmy Neesham, the clip has sparked a flurry of reactions from cricket fans all over the world. While many are agreeing with his assessment of the delivery.

Some have even shared their own experiences of getting out to similarly bad deliveries. Further proving that even the best of us can fall victim to a bit of bad luck on the cricket field.

Jimmy Neesham Retweeted & Assess The Delivery To Be “Worst Ball in Cricket History”, But Why?

What exactly makes this delivery so bad, and why is it so easy to get out to? Well, for starters, the ball is delivered at a very slow pace, giving the batsman ample time to see it and make contact with his bat. As shown in the clip Jimmy Neesham retweeted.

However, because it slipped out of the bowler’s hand, this gives a parabolic flight to the delivery. So, while it may seem to the batsman that he can take his team and hit it out of the park. At the same time it would have required more than just a sweet connection for a delivery of that sorts to go for maximum. And that is, Strength!

Jimmy Neesham Retweeted Twitter Clip; Spreads Like Wildfire
Jimmy Neesham Retweeted Twitter Clip

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Batsmen are used to facing much quicker and more challenging deliveries. Which them to be on their toes and react quickly to play the ball. When faced with a slow, easy delivery like this one, they can often become complacent and make a mistake, leading to an easy dismissal.

Hence, the batter never had any real chance of hitting the ball well enough for it to reach to the boundary. So it would have been a wiser decision if he could have just left it for a wide.

Of course, it’s not just the quality of the delivery that determines whether a batsman gets out or not. Even A good batsman can still make contact with a bad delivery and score runs. While a lesser batsman can struggle to play even the most straightforward of deliveries.

Nevertheless, the twitter clip Jimmy Neesham retweeted serves as a reminder that cricket is a game of fine margins, and that even the smallest mistakes can have a big impact on the outcome of a match.

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