Rohit Sharma Ends Predictions on Being Rested From IPL 2023 Matches for Mumbai Indians, Mark Boucher Reacts


Rohit Sharma IPL: Following the conclusion of the third One-Day International (ODI) between India and Australia last week. Skipper Rohit Sharma addressed a topic that has been in everyone’s imagination. 

Can the pressure of particular Indian players be controlled during the demanding two months of the IPL 2023? Given a rapid increase in illnesses among Indian players – Jasprit Bumrah, Shreyas Iyer, etc.

This was a reasonable issue, considering that India has a World Cup to play soon this year and cannot bear to be without its star players.

The Indian captain’s reaction was unequivocal. Although the BCCI has issued directions to the IPL teams, the individuals now belong to the clubs. And it is up to them to regulate their activity.

Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma IPL

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While Rohit Sharma‘s words made perfect sense. The world was not prepared to learn that Rohit may also belong to that group. On Wednesday, The Indian Express reported that Rohit would miss a couple of League matches for the Mumbai Indians to control his strain. Adding that Suryakumar Yadav will skipper the club in his departure.

Rohit Sharma on MI Matches:

The hot topic was brought up to Rohit throughout MI’s first media briefing of the season, with Sharma hinting that it may be a potential. “In terms of me resting,” he continued, “I think Mark (Boucher) will provide you an answer.” Boucher, the team’s coach, said, “Do you want to rest?

A number of star-studded cricketers are already skipping the IPL due to injury, and Rohit would be well to consider his own health. The India skipper has been hurt far too frequently for his taste. Rohit has battled injuries to his calf and hamstring after being named India’s full-time skipper in January 2022.

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Furthermore, he contracted Covid last year, forcing him to skip the postponed fifth Test against England in Edgbaston. And in December, Rohit needed stitches on his thumb during the ODI series against Bangladesh, putting him out of Tests.

With a second chance to win the World Cup looming. Rohit might want himself and his important players to be in peak physical condition. There are still 7 months till the World Cup.

But with India playing multiple home and away bilateral matches in addition to the eagerly awaited Asia Cup, pressure management will be one of the most critical considerations involving the Indian squad.

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