WATCH: Virender Sehwag’s remark on Sheldon Cottrell’s Delivery in ILT20


ILT20: The ongoing 20-over format competition is being played in the United Arab Emirates, and is the first edition.

In a match between the two of the franchises of ILT20, Desert Vipers and Sharjah Warriors. A bizarre moment ocurred.

As the West Indian Fast Pacer, Sheldon Cottrell, paced to deliver the ball in the match. The ball might have slipped out from his hands and it flung into the air.

While the ball was being delivered at a decent pace, the distance and the slip added to the air time. This allowed the Sharjah Warriors’ batter at the other end, Tom-Kohler Cadmore, to just walk across the width of the pitch and hit the ball.

Meanwhile, Virender Sehwag who was sitting as the Hindi commentator made a remark that was canny, yet funny in a light-hearted tone:

“Aaj kal taufey aise mil rahe hain jinka koi hisaab nahi, I wish humaare time pe bhi aise taufey milte…”

English translation: “Nowadays the batsmen get so many freebies/gifts from the bowlers. I wish we could have gotten the same amount of gifts in our time…”

Sheldon Cottrell was seen raising his arms to show that he delivered the ball by mistake. But even this small did not stop the ex-Indian Batsman, Virender Sehwag, from making this sarcastic remark.

ILT20: Sheldon Cottrell’s Delivery was Signaled ‘Dead’ by the Umpire according to the MCC LAW

Although, the English batsman managed to hit the air-ball for a boundary. Keeping in mind the MCC Law 21.8., Sheldon Cottrell’s delivery was signaled to be dead by the umpires.

21.8 Ball causing the striker to leave the pitch, or ball coming to rest in front of striker’s wicket
“If a ball delivered by the bowler comes to rest in front of the line of the striker’s wicket or is so far from the pitch that the striker would need to leave the pitch to attempt to play the ball, without having previously touched the bat or person of the striker, the umpire shall call and signal No ball and immediately call and signal Dead ball.”\

Thus, the runs scored of that one ‘bizarre’ delivery were null and void.

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Albeit, those runs would not have been of much importance either. As Sheldon Cottrell’s team still ended up winning the game quite comfortably. With the Bowler himself having the figures of 1-31(4), despite that awkward delivery!

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