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Cricket Watch: Umpire signals wide with his legs in a cricket game in Maharashtra


Cricket Watch: Umpiring has become a very important profession in cricket nowadays. The result of each match depends on how the umpires respond to the player’s appeals. The efficiency of decision-making hence plays a vital role.

With the advancement of technology, we are seeing the introduction of DRS, Hawkeye, Ultra edge, etc. However, it is the decision of the umpires which is binding and final. This also has led to widespread criticism of umpires lately.

Almost everyone knows when an umpire makes an incorrect decision. As a result, the umpire faces wrath in public as well as on social media. It is now hence a real test of concentration and efficiency for any umpire standing on the field.

Umpires are slowly losing their importance and respect with the introduction of these technologies. Hence, they are trying their level best to match them. Innovative styles of decision-making is the best example. In a recent cricket match happening in Maharashtra, we saw a similar act that is making rounds in social media now.

Cricket Watch: Umpire signals wide with his legs in a cricket game in Maharashtra
Cricket Watch: Umpire signals wide with his legs in a cricket game in Maharashtra

Cricket Watch: Wide signal no longer with the hands?

Yes, that is correct. We have seen umpires opening their arms in opposite directions when a bowler delivers a wide ball. However, we saw the exact opposite of the normal in Maharashtra’s Purandar Premier League 2021.

The match was between Kadepathar Kings and Bhivri Blasters. Bowler Amol from Bhivri Blasters was bowling the first over. In the last ball of the over, he bowled a very wide delivery off the left-handed batsman, Mayur.

The umpire waited for a moment, walked towards the camera, and performed a headstand to signal wide by stretching his legs instead. Everyone on the ground, including the commentators were left in splits. The commentators even said, “Ye kya kar diya! Ye wide ka style dekhiye, ye bhi kamaal kar rahe hai, inka bhi naya andaaz hai. “

Watch the video of the incident here

This is the first time, we saw such an innovative way of an umpire signaling a wide ball. The umpire, eventually got up and signaled wide in the normal way later. The players could not help laughing at the scene. This viral video did not take much time to hit headlines too.

The umpire is also a popular gymnast and he did provide a glimpse of his skills on the field through this act. The viewers have also compared him to the Indian version of iconic umpire, Billi Bowden.

We have seen the New Zealand umpire, Billi Bowden perform his unique antics on the field. Popular ones include, signaling out with a crooked finger, six by raising both of his crooked fingers, etc. He never disappointed his fans and everyone enjoyed him watching. Here are some of the popular tweets.

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