Indian Cricket Team give their final verdict whether they will play the Delhi T20 Match.

The Indian team has to play a three-match home T20 series and a 2-match Test series against Bangladesh from November 3. Previously Bangladesh Cricket team has visited India only once. It will be Bangladesh’s second tour of India. India and Bangladesh will play the first T20 match of the series on November 3 in Delhi. Soon after this, they will play the second T20 match in Rajkot on November 7. The 3rd T20 match to be held on November 10.

Pollution remains a problem in Delhi T20 match

Pollution remains a significant concern in the first T20 match of the three-match T20 series between India and Bangladesh. In fact, because of the increasing level of pollution in Delhi’s Arun Jaitley Cricket Stadium, many prominent personalities are speaking to shift this match. However, BCCI President Sourav Ganguly has made it clear that the teams will play the game in Delhi itself.

“There is a problem of Pollution, but we have to play”- Vikram Rathore

Vikram Rathore on Delhi T20

Indian batting coach Vikram Rathore said in a statement, “I have played my entire cricket in North India. Yes, there is a problem of pollution, but we have to play because the match is already scheduled here.”

Once you’re in a game, you don’t notice these things. I think you should be a health advisor. But if you are here to play, then you have to play the match here.”

Indian Cricket Team on Delhi T20

When the Indian team’s batting coach Vikram Rathore was asked about the team combination, he said, “We have just arrived, and it is the first day of practice. So far, we have not thought about the team combination. We will decide on a combination of our team soon. Players have played the game in extreme hot and extreme cold. Once you are playing the game you don’t notice all these things. It doesn’t distract to players. If you are sitting outside doing nothing you notice all this.”

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