During the must win game, Imad Wasim vented out on his fellow teammate. - The12thMan

During the must win game, Imad Wasim vented out on his fellow teammate.

Ikram Ali Khil scooped a ball but the Pakistani skipper missed a potential catch.

It is quite a tedious process on the field to keep the wickets and it demands a certain set of skills and strategies to win a game with a good score.

During the must-win game between Pakistan and Afghanistan, Pakistan has had a bad start and lost their opener in the second ball of the innings. Pakistani bowlers managed to keep things right somehow. After all, It needs some impetus to weather the storm and steady the ship.

After spending ample amount of time out in the middle, the pressure was only mounting on a player Ikram Ali Khil and the situation wants him to cut loose.

During bowling for his fifth delivery of 27th over. Ikram Khil tried his best to scoop a ball but he managed to do so on his own shoulder. The deflection made the ball fly up in the air and Sarfaraz couldn’t spot it. He looked left and then right but had zero idea of where the white leather is, he got deceived.

Had the skipper smartly anticipated the trajectory of a ball, Pakistan would have managed to scalp another wicket.

But unfortunately, Ikram Ali Khil didn’t make good use of the life given as he was dismissed on the very next ball. But the whole episode was quite hilarious and funny for Fans.

Pakistan is currently at the sixth place in the points table with seven points from seven games. They are ought to perform better in order to qualify for the semi-final spot.

Author’s take:

Sarfaraz Ahmed made a mistake but Pakistan managed to defeat Afghanistan somehow. They played 50 overs well and also took wickets properly. This win definitely increased their confidence and if they keep winning they know what will happen next.

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