Everything You Must Know before the World Cup Kicks Off

In-Depth Analysis:

When it comes to the World Cup, it is almost impossible to stop the likes of Brazil, Germany, and Spain. These are some of the most balanced teams in the World Cup and can cause destruction in Russia. Brazil is the favorites to win according to bookmakers. And that is exactly why one must know the strength and the weaknesses of the team which is set out for revenge. Despite the presence of some of the biggest stars, Brazil has a secret weapon in the form of these three players.

Germans are the 2014 champions and with their unbelievable bench strength, they are the favorites to win once again. But who can shock the world with performances we have never seen before. Check out Germany’s three most underrated players.

While Brazil and Germany are the clear-cut favorites, France and Spain are not much behind. With France’s deadly attack and Spain’s magical midfield, both the teams are set out to win the World Cup for the second time. Check out who can play the trump card for France and Spain. (And don’t worry, a managerial crisis cannot stop Spain that easily!)

But there are a few players who spent the entire 2017-18 season sweating it out with their club for an opportunity in the World Cup squad. And they excelled with the club, set the stage on fire. Still, they were deemed perfect for the national side. Who are those five players to miss out on the World Cup? Find Out!

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