Aston Martin unveils 2023 livery that is the same as its previous version

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The AMR23, Aston Martin’s 2023 rival, was just launched by another team. At their brand-new facility in Silverstone, the team displayed their brand-new vehicle and livery.

This year marks the 110th anniversary of the Silverstone-based company. The team owner, Lawrence Stroll, began the presentation by discussing the history of Aston Martin and how racing is ingrained in both the team’s and the company’s DNA.

The new AMR23 has the same stunning green and black colour scheme as the challenger from last year, plus a dash of yellow. The absence of alteration in the livery from the previous year incited resentment among fans on Twitter.

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Lance Stroll, a new teammate for Aston Martin, has the ability to win championships, according to Fernando Alonso

Aston Martin unveils 2023 livery that is the same as its previous version
Aston Martin unveils 2023 livery that is the same as its previous version

The two-time world champion Fernando Alonso thinks that Lance Stroll has what it takes to win the championship. After competing for Alpine for two seasons, Alonso recently agreed to a multi-year contract with the Silverstone-based team, replacing Sebastian Vettel.

Alonso said in an interview with Aston Martin that he wants to support Stroll in realizing his potential and perhaps even help him on the road to winning the World Championship.

Stroll, 24, will compete in Formula One for the sixth time this year, five of those years with Aston Martin (previously Racing Point). Alonso lauded Stroll for his pace and potential, especially in wet circumstances, despite the fact that Stroll had just three podium results and one pole position in many more than 100 races. It was a Spaniard.

“It will be great for me to witness him do that and to have contributed in some way, whether it was behind the wheel or not. Both skill and speed are present in him. He has demonstrated it several times, especially when it is raining.”

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Fernando Alonso on the new 2023 vehicle

The AMR23 won’t be an accurate representation of Aston Martin’s performance in upcoming F1 seasons, according to Fernando Alonso. When asked whether he thought winning races with Aston Martin—and perhaps a third championship—was a reasonable expectation. Alonso did, however, give Aston Martin supporters a reason for optimism by expressing the possibility that the group would be in a good position to profit from errors or uncontrollable outside forces.

Alonso, the most seasoned driver in Formula One history and the oldest competitor on the 2023 grid, highlighted that he is more concerned with making improvements and supporting the team than merely winning races.

He intends to speed up the Aston Martin’s path to world championship success by applying his knowledge and experience. Alonso, however, was unable to foresee whether he would be operating the motor vehicle at that moment.

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