Max Verstappen’s Simulated Racing Setup Has Split F1 Twitter

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Max Verstappen: In addition to competing in F1, Max Verstappen likes sim racing. Squad Redline is the name of the two-time world champion’s own sim racing team. With his squad, Max Verstappen has taken part in a number of virtual racing competitions and has garnered several victories. The squad recently competed in the 2023 Virtual Le Mans racing series, but the Dutchman’s car had to be retired because of game-related technical difficulties.

A photo of Max Verstappen’s enormous sim racing setup began making the rounds on social media before the simulated race. It contained four enormous curved screens, three of which were horizontally connected to one another and one of which was vertically joined at the top.

Verstappen has a motorised racing seat, a top-of-the-line steering wheel, and top-of-the-line pedals because it is a sim racing setup. There was also a laptop next to the PC that operated the complete arrangement to monitor other things.

In addition to the equipment, there was a tiny Red Bull refrigerator. Given that Max Verstappen is a member of the Red Bull Racing F1 team, it was a pleasant bonus and addition to the arrangement.

Max Verstappen's simulated racing setup
Max Verstappen’s simulated racing setup has split F1 Twitter

The massive setup demonstrates Max Verstappen’s fervour for both sim racing and racing in general. He works with his sim racing team and participates in virtual racing series whenever he has a vacation from F1.

Reactions on Max Verstappen’s virtual racing setup from the F1 Twitterverse

Hundreds of F1 Twitterati responded to Max Verstappen’s sim racing setup when a photo of it surfaced on Twitter. On social media, it was well-praised.

The Dutchman’s obsession with racing was noted. Verstappen has been working with his sim racing squad to prepare for the championship while every other F1 driver is taking advantage of the off-season and some downtime from racing.

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The setup’s specifications piqued the interest of F1 Twitteratis, who also mentioned the funny neon sign next to it.

Though not all of the remarks and responses were favourable. Many people criticised the arrangement for being inadequate. Even the requirement for a “cheat” button in the configuration was stated.

Overall, opinions about Max Verstappen’s elaborate sim racing setup were divided across Twitter. Even if the setup itself was excellent and most people agreed with it, because it was Verstappen’s, it also attracted some criticism.

Max Verstappen was obviously not thrilled because he dropped from first to eighteenth after losing connection. About 90 minutes later, he ran across identical issues and decided to abandon the race.

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