Watch: Charles Leclerc’s Viral Reaction After Rosa Chemical Twerks for Fedez at Sanremo 2023

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Fedez and Rosa Chemical are nearby, and Charles Leclerc is seated at a stall. His silhouette stands out against the background, and as Charles Leclerc watches what is occurring a few meters away, the emotion on his face becomes viral.

Rosa Chemical and Fedez are only a few meters away from Charles Leclerc. He observes in disbelief, displacement, and confusion what is taking place in front of him.

The way his hands are placed on his chin as if he were contemplating something, and his look of seeming impassivity all contribute to the overall atmosphere of that particular moment during Sanremo’s final evening at the Ariston Theater.

Fedez, who was watching the performance from the audience, was twerked on by Rosa Chemical, who then dragged him onto the stage, looked into his eyes as he sang “Made in Italy,” hugged him, and then gave him a passionate kiss on the mouth. Charles Leclerc’s face becomes popular online and appears in the diorama of the “Festival of Love.”

The Ariston went through another twist after Blanco, who destroyed everything and the flowers in response to a technical issue that stopped him from performing. “I’m aware that I missed it. But because it’s Valentine’s Day, it struck me unexpectedly.” Rosa Chemical acknowledged in front of Amadeus, who stared at him in shock and awe. Chiara Ferragni, Fedez’s wife, appeared to be in the same state and said. “I’m stunned.” The host ended that show by saying, “It’s better.

Charles Leclerc shared updates on his social media

Watch: Charles Leclerc's viral reaction after Rosa Chemical twerks for Fedez at Sanremo 2023
Watch: Charles Leclerc’s viral reaction after Rosa Chemical twerks for Fedez at Sanremo 2023

The face of Charles Leclerc was so funny to watch. The Monegasque’s unflappable demeanour and the other rider’s delighted expression next to him served as a unifying theme that spread quickly among Cavallino followers and those who were not.

It is Antonio Fuoco, who has been driving the Ferrari 4999P HyperCar for many years. Additionally, he has long served as the F1 Scuderia’s development driver.

Charles Leclerc is sociable and popular enough to answer questions from fans on Twitter. He specifically does that when a user asks him, “‘Code to vote for Charles Leclerc tonight?’. He reads and immediately says, 16, I believe. Why is that number? It is the name of a race. But it has a special significance: it is his birthday (16 October 1997), and it sums up his favourite number (7).”

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One of the surprises of the last night was Charles Leclerc’s appearance at the Sanremo Festival. Nobody anticipated the Ferrari driver is in the first rows.

When Charles Leclerc posted a story on Instagram this afternoon in the late afternoon announcing his arrival at the Ariston, he was the one who made the revelation.

The video selfie with Fedez, who was also present to greet him, was not to be missed. Then Rosa Chemical kissed him, but that is another tale.


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