Ferrari Are Not Worried by the Recent Developments Shown by Mercedes


Ferrari have claimed that they are not worried about the recent development shown by the Mercedes team. Ferrari have fallen behind the silver arrows in many of the recent races.

The Maranello outfit had a dream start to the 2022 season, they were the team to beat and there was a hope that Charles Leclerc can win his first-ever World Title. However, Red Bull caught up to them in time, and with Ferrari tripping over themselves in terms of strategies and pit stop errors, Red Bull’s Max Verstappen took the 2022 championship.

As for Mercedes, they had a very poor start to the season. Struggling with porpoising issues in the early half of the season, they are still yet to win a single race in the 2022 season.

Recently though, in the last few races, it has been Mercedes who has challenged Red Bull with Ferrari falling behind. The F1-75 hasn’t performed up to the mark.

Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto
Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto

Binotto is not alarmed about the pace shown by Mercedes

Mercedes might be developing their car at a pace that might mean that they are in contention for race victories next year. This would require the team to change some fundamental components of their car.

If that is the case, it could be double trouble for Ferrari next season. It will be pretty disappointing for Ferrari that they could not capitalize on their package this season.

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However, Mattia Binotto, the team principal of Ferrari thinks otherwise. He believes that the current leap that the silver arrows have taken is not a true representation of the 2023 season. The main reason is that the people back in Maranello have stopped working on this year’s car to focus on next year’s challenger

Binotto said, “Mercedes is coming back right as they have developed the car more than we did.”

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We know as well ourselves that we stopped quite early the development of that car to focus on 2023. So I’m not too concerned by the rate of development because I know, as well, when we stopped developing it.” he continued

Ferrari’s last win came in July in the Austrian Grand Prix. Charles Leclerc took victory in that race followed by Max Verstappen. Since then, it has been Red Bull who has won every single race.

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