Former Chelsea Midfielder uncovers his situation earlier at Chelsea under Maurizio Sarri.

Currently, at Monaco, Cesc Fabregas claimed his downfall at Chelsea due to Maurizio Sarri ‘stubbornness’.

In the recent interviews, Former Chelsea player and now plays as central Midfielder for Ligue 1 club Monaco lifted the lid on the life he lived under the very stubborn Chelsea manager.

Cesc Fabregas has played under the Italian manager at Chelsea before exiting the Premier League club to join Monaco.

He stated the cause of his downfall at Chelsea was completely due to Maurizio Sarri behaviour. His exit is expected to be confirmed this week as Sarri is set to agree on a deal with Serie A giants, Juventus.

Although Maurizio Sarri guided The Blues to Europa League victory and they stood third in the Premier League in his first season at Stamford Bridge itself. But Sarri is already tipped to be on his way out from the club. Amid this Cesc Fabregas has highlighted the playing situation under him.

Cesc Fabregas joined Monaco in January 2019 after slipping down the pecking order at Stamford Bridge.

Fabregas said,

He is very superstitious, he is very stubborn in this way.

He is a manager with his own ideas and he doesn’t move from them much.

He has an idea of how he wants to play and the football that he really wants to play. He doesn’t move from it. No matter what you tell him, no matter what you advise him, no matter what your opinion is, he will never change.

But he did it the way he likes it. He has his own vision of football and, in the end, he is where he is with it and you have to respect that.”

Chelsea legend Frank Lampard could be the man to replace Sarri and Fabregas has been impressed with his first season in management at Derby.

He also added,

“I think he has done a really impressive job. It’s his first ever job. He changed many things. I saw him in Russia with the BBC and he had a very difficult squad, an older squad full of players at the end of their contracts as well.

He renewed completely the squad, took on young players. He played a really aggressive style, attacking the football. Really for a first-ever job, I think he has done really good.”

Author’s Take:

Maurizio Sarri grabbed the Europa League title and with this Chelsea qualified for next season Champions League. Be with his behaviour or his unethical habits at the ground he managed to win as many games by making his team perform better.

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