Former Chelsea star reveals how he was treated by the club

Chelsea have a long list of failed superstars who then flourished playing for the clubs and one of them has shed some light on his time at London.

Chelsea have been constantly ridiculed over their transfer policy. The club decided to let go of talent like De Bruyne, Salah, Lukaku, without giving them a chance to prove their worth. The players have since come back to haunt the Blues by joining their rival clubs after rejuvenating their careers elsewhere. Now, Kevin de Bruyne has decided to reveal how he was treated by the club and Jose Mourinho in particular.

“It was so strange”

De Bruyne admitted that he was keen to leave Chelsea because of his lack of playing time. He also spoke about how Mourinho attempted to negatively compare his statistics with the rest of his teammates. “Jose called me into his office in December, and it was probably the second big life-changing moment for me,” De Bruyne told The Players’ Tribune.

Kevin de Bruyne was not impressed by the way Jose Mourinho had treated him at Chelsea.
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“He had some papers in front of him, and he said, ‘One assist. Zero goals. Ten recoveries.’ It took me a minute to understand what he was doing. ‘Then he started reading the stats of the other attacking forwards – Willian, Oscar, Mata, Schurrle. And it’s like – five goals, 10 assists, whatever. Jose was just kind of waiting for me to say something, and finally, I said, ‘But … some of these guys have played 15, 20 games. I’ve only played three. So it’s going to be different, no?'”

“It was so strange. We had a bit of a conversation about me going back out on loan. And Mata was also out of favour at the time, so Jose said, ‘Well, you know, if Mata leaves, then you will be the fifth choice instead of sixth.’ I was completely honest. I said, ‘I feel like the club doesn’t really want me here. I want to play football. I’d rather you sell me.’ I think Jose was a bit disappointed, but to be fair to him, I think he also understood that I absolutely needed to play. ‘So the club ended up selling me, and there was no big problem at all. ‘Chelsea got more than double the price they paid for me, and I got into a much better situation at Wolfsburg.”

Jose’s version of the De Bruyne incident

Jose Mourinho had his own version of the De Bruyne situation at Chelsea.“With De Bruyne, if you have a player knocking on your door and crying every day he wants to leave, you have to make a decision,” Mourinho said, as quoted by ESPN.

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“At that time, Chelsea did well. If De Bruyne stayed here, not happy and not motivated, and we’d sold him after a year, we’d have got less – 50% less than what we sold him for. So we sold him. At that moment, it was a very good business.”

Author’s Take

The player situation at Chelsea is a bit odd. It is hard to lay the blame at an individual’s feet. But even if Jose responsible, ultimately, is it Chelsea’s loss because the Portuguese is no more the club’s manager.

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