Former Chelsea star reveals his thoughts on Mourinho’s Manchester United future


The pundit stresses on the quick replacement of the manager after Tottenham mishap, before things worsen further.

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho is under immense pressure as such after back to back bitter results from the Amex and Old Trafford. Rumours regarding his early termination of tenure have reached the zenith, thereby aggravating the problem. Meanwhile, former English defender, Cundy has left no stones unturned in lashing out at the Portuguese manager following two back to back defeats.
Whilst recent stories claim France legend, Zinedine Zidane, to be the perfect substitute for Mourinho, Cundy believes that Tottenham manager, Pochettino would be the best fit for the same. He is sceptic about the existence of Mourinho until Christmas and believes his episode to be cut short even before that.
Man United are a mess, absolute mess,” Cundy said on talkSPORT. “I’ve seen it before at Chelsea. I said when the first goal went in this reminds me of what I’ve seen before. Jose, I can’t see him lasting until Christmas. Jose went to the board after Chelsea got beat by Leicester (in December 2015) when he left and he told them ‘I can’t turn this around, I can’t’.
However this time, this manager had got ample time with the club to turn things around to their favour which he has been incapable of.
“Now there’s being here once, but there is a pattern emerging here. This is a side Jose has had long enough to get to grips with.This was is a bitterly disappointing defeat and performance against a side that you would expect to come up against and give them a game.” However considering the ongoing form of the Spurs manager in this season, Cundy has urged the Man United hierarchy to sign him in place instead.
He believes Pochettino to be the most worthy coach for the Reds at the moment who can restore normalcy in the wayward United team. The officials should not make any further delay by giving the present manager another opportunity to prove his worth until their next match on Sunday , lest it should be too late by then.
If I was in charge of Manchester United and Jose is no longer the man, I would go and get the best man right now in the Premier League. I said it (Pochettino) a couple of months ago and I got ridiculed by Man City fans. Pound for pound the best manager, by spending money and you look at the budget he has or hasn’t had and what he’s done with that side since he’s been there, he’s improved them. Can you imagine if Pochettino had had the budget that Jose has had?”

Author’s take

Problems continue to aggravate for the hapless Portuguese coach as sacking advice are beginning to pour in from various sides. However, Jose Mourinho himself has no such plans nor is the case with the Manchester United hierarchy. It is believed that the hierarchy wants him to perform in the upcoming match against Burnley on Sunday. It will be after this match that the final verdict of his being sacked or not would be confirmed.

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