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Former English Footballer Lashes out on Journalist.

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Danny Murphy lashed out on the journalist for asking questions about the fair play charges on Manchester City just after there historic treble win.

Manchester City won 6-0 against Watford in the FA cup final to complete the historic treble. Pep Guardiola was furious and surprised over the question asked by journalist Rob Harris. Harris asked Guardiola if he received any off-the-book payment from the club for transfers.

The Spaniard tactician was clearly displeased with the things asked to him on his historic achievement with the club. He said, “Do you know the question you’re asking me, if I ever received money for another situation, right now, today?

“Honestly, do you think I deserve to have this type of question happen, on the day we won the treble if I received money from other situations? “Are you accusing me? Oh man.”

Manchester City final and the historic treble win is dominated by the news about the ban due to the violation of financial fair play from the Champions league even after winning the Premier League.

Rob Harris talked to talkSPORT defending timing of the question asked which according to Murphy is ‘attention seeking‘ and ‘ego-driven‘.

Harris said, “Opening of Q to Guardiola was “congratulations” and stating a recognition he isn’t responsible for club finances while asking his response to those saying treble diminished because of probes.
The second part on Qs City not answered since November linked to leaks about Mancini/pay”.

He added, “The media’s job isn’t to be cheerleaders. Easier life not to ask challenging questions of clubs we have dealings with and know. But that would be doing a disservice.
Acclaiming performances of players can be separated from the need to report the surrounding circumstances at clubs”


Danny Murphy anger towards the Harris is correct in his own way but the journalist task is also to ask the ongoing situation about the club and their controversies.

Harris question about the club fair play allegations should be cleared by someone as it is starting to dominating all the news about the City. The result of the investigation is going to have a big effect on the city transfer plans going forward into the new season.

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