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Formula 1 News: Audi in prime spot to buy McLaren ahead of 2026 entry?

Formula 1 News: After Porsche & Williams, Audi too in talks with McLaren for a potential buyout as it begins to finalize its 2026 plans.


Formula 1 news: It has been a few busy days on the F1 front for Porsche & Audi it seems as the sub-brands of the VW Group get ever so close to seal the deal with the top F1 bosses. In other news, Porsche is also set to grace the F1 paddock with its presence in 2026.

For a long time, the VW Group has been linked to a potential F1 entry and timing has never been better before this year.

Earlier this year, it was reported that McLaren was in serious debt and has already sold most of its racing unit to recover the losses brought forward by the pandemic.

Knowing this, Audi could become the saviour and also could make it easier for itself as it finds a way to enter F1 easily and without spending too much.

Formula 1 news: How will it happen?

As reported by us earlier, Porsche, along with Audi, wishes to set foot into the F1 world, all thanks to the new 2026 engine regulations.

However, it is said that both the carmakers also have different ideas about how they want to take this ahead.

British journalist Joe Saward shares: “Audi and Porsche seem to have different ideas, with the first one that could point to the purchase of a team and the second more interested in an exclusive partnership with an existing team, on the model of Mercedes with McLaren of a few years ago.”

Now, it is highly likely that Audi mirrors the first scenario and buys out McLaren because, in the second scenario, Porsche is all but confirmed to form a partnership with Williams.

Moreover, it could even be a much bigger deal than it sounds as it would also mean that Audi gets/shares the knowledge on technology and road cars with McLaren itself.

Furthermore, Audi cannot go to Alfa Romeo too, for a buyout as it itself has a contract waiting to be signed (Andretti), so the only viable option is McLaren.

Formula 1 news: Which team should it power?

The current boss of McLaren, Andreas Seidl, happens to be the former Head of Motorsport at Porsche, so to hear about Audi first gunning for McLaren instead of Porsche, is a bit odd.

Nonetheless, it is something that will happen, no matter what, as McLaren would find no issues with dropping Mercedes again should it be asked to do so.

At this point, it is all rather just a secret, but Red Bull boss Christian Horner is open to a partnership with a car manufacturer.

If an exciting partner comes along, then, of course, it makes sense to look at it very seriously, whether it be an OEM or another type of partner.

Formula 1 news: Future for Porsche & Audi

The future looks bright and green for both the manufacturers. Mainly for Porsche but, as it is developing synthetic fuel for its 911, which coincidentally, is also being marketed by F1.

Similarly, since both the makers share the same parent company, the VW Group, Audi too, could benefit from the same.

Now, we only have to wait and see what the latest update has to say, but it is with utmost certainty that I say this – get ready to see Porsche & Audi in F1 soon.


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