Thursday, January 27, 2022

Formula 1 news: Bernie Eccelstone thinks Sebastian Vettel should return to Red Bull

Formula 1 news: According to Former F1 figure Bernie Ecclestone, Sebastian should return back to his old home Red Bull


Formula 1 news: Red Bull has a significant role in Vettel’s F1 journey. He won four world titles with Red Bull. According to Former F1 figure Bernie Ecclestone, Vettel should return back to his old home Red Bull.

Sebastian Vettel’s partnership with Red Bull is one of the most successful and talked about relations in F1 history.

Vettel has from time to time shown his love for Red Bull. He considered it as his first home, a place that helped and gave him everything.

Red Bull has made him what he is. He started his journey with Red Bull that’s why it has a special place in his heart.

Formula 1 news: " Vettel should go back to Red bull" Ex F1 boss
Formula 1 news: ” Vettel should go back to Red bull” Ex F1 boss

Formula 1 news: Ex F1 chief Bernie’s view on Vettel

According to ex-F1 chief Bernie Ecclestone, Vettel should now go back to Red Bull again, especially when the team is back to its winning days and has become stronger again.

He believes that Vettel going back to Red Bull will be beneficial for both his career and the team.

Bernie also said that it would be good if Vettel goes back to Red Bull. “We don’t know how quick he is anymore because he’s not in a competitive car – so it’s not easy to say he’s not as quick as he used to be,” he said.

He concluded, “He needs to be back in Red Bull actually”. Commenting on the rumours about Sebastian Vettel’s retirement he said Vettel should leave when he feels so, people should not tell him when to do that.

Vettel had few successful seasons with Ferrari before his relationships went sour with them and he left them. Currently, when discussions have started about whether he should retire or not, Ecclestone thinks that he has earned his right to retire whenever he wants.

Vettel has admitted that the fire in him is still there and he is happier than he was in Ferrari. He said that he has asked himself the question that whether he should retire or not at the end of the season or not.

Vettel’s view on his retirement

Seb believes that he will retire when there’s no ambition left in him or he is driving for increasing his bank balance only. He believes that it would be a betrayal to the generation that is yet to come. So far his ambition is not yet over.

Vettel scored only 43 points this season and was at the 12th position at the end of it. Doubts on Vettel in Ferrari were raised when he was out-scored by Charles Leclerc. When Vettel was asked about leaving the sport he said that the idea crossed his mind.

Vettel has contracts with Aston Martin for the year 2022, but there are rumors that this may be his last season. His fans really looking forward to seeing him perform for Red Bull again before taking retirement.