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Formula 1 News: Christian Horner elucidates how Red Bull will be like Ferrari from 2022 onwards

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Formula 1 News: Ferrari and Red Bull are two powerhouses in Formula 1. But the Maranello based team is the only F1 team to have their single self-sufficient operation centre in Italy. Meanwhile, Red Bull has remained a customer team for years.

Red Bull’s current position has bothered their management for years, forcing them to rely on their rivals. Which also produced toxic alliances like with Renault. Although Red Bull won four world titles with the French manufacturers’ engines, they still don’t want to patch up with them.

The partnership with Honda has been smooth so far for Red Bull. But with the former’s exit at the end of 2021 forced Red Bull to seek help elsewhere. The Milton-Keynes-based team is not a car production company; they have no engineering intellect to create their power unit.

Instead of relying on another rival manufacturer, Red Bull decided to create their operations. This step has only been possible with the FIA’s approval of the engine freeze next year.

Formula 1 News: Christian Horner elucidate how Red Bull will be like Ferrari in 2022

With these developments, Red Bull boss Christian Horner believes that his team will run on the same ethos as Ferrari from 2022 onwards. Meaning Red Bull will also have a similar autonomous operations base as Ferrari has in Maranello.

We’ve got the dynos arriving in October. They come and get lifted in on a crane. We’re recruiting aggressively at the moment. We’re bringing in some great talent and to be doing this in the UK is really exciting.”

Using the hub that we have here, and the synergies that we’ll get with the chassis side, we’re the only team in Formula 1, other than Ferrari, to have the whole lot on one side,” said Horner.

Formula 1 news: Why Ferrari and not Mercedes?

Like Ferrari, even Mercedes produces their engines, so why Horner didn’t name Mercedes? That’s because, unlike Ferrari, Mercedes’ don’t have a single base of all production. Mercedes’ engines are built by Daimler owned Mercedes High Performance Powertrains in Brixworth.

Whilst the rest of the F1 team is based in Brackley. Therefore, it makes Red Bull the only team in the UK to have such intensive operations at the same base. Horner boasted his upcoming power units as the “first true British units”.

You’ve got to go right back to Cosworth or Ilmor before that,” he commented.”In terms of a team, building and manufacturing cars and engines, you’ve got to go back to the likes of BRM.

It’s fantastic that Red Bull have made this commitment to the sport, they’ve made this commitment to the UK, and the talent that’s within the UK.”

Formula 1 News: Christian Horner elucidate how Red Bull will be like Ferrari in 2022

However, it is unknown whether Red Bull will continue to further evolve their engines operations after the 2025 engine regulations introduction. Porsche and Volkswagen have shown interest in F1 by being part of the new engine regulations discussions. Thus, Red Bull can find a Honda like partner among the two new possible entries.


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