Formula 1 news: “Eduardo Freitas is strict with rules” says Giedo Van der Garde


Formula 1 news: Giedo van der Garde says that Formula One’s potentially new race director, Eduardo Freitas, is very strict. Ex formula one driver Garde said that Freitas is all about rules and regulations. He is very strict about their implementation.

Eduardo Freitas is being said to be one of the two possible replacements for FIA’s race director Michael Masi. Michael Masi lost his job after the controversial final race in Abu Dhabi. He didn’t follow the safety car protocol properly in order to set up a final shutdown between Hamilton and Verstappen.

He allowed only a few cars to unlap themselves and this set up a final race between both of them. His decision allowed Max Verstappen, who was with a fresh pair of tires, to overtake Lewis Hamilton in the very last lap of the race.

Hamilton lost the chance to with his eighth driver’s championship title due to Masi’s decision. Masi has been criticized a lot since then, especially by Mercedes and Hamilton’s fans. Michael Masi was accused of being in a compromise with red bull.

Formula 1 news: "Eduardo Freitas is strict with rules" Giedo Van der Garde
Formula 1 news: “Eduardo Freitas is strict with rules” Giedo Van der Garde

Freitas is one of the potential new race directors of formula who has experience of 20 years being a race director and the other potential candidate is DTM race director Niels Wittich. Garde has raced in the directed under Frietas ELMS and the WEC classes with Nederlands.

Garde also said that he is a very good director who is very strict about the rules and he has known him for years. He told them he follows rules very strictly and if anyone disobeys them, he issues a penalty on him.

Formula 1 news: According to Van De Garde that Ex-F1 drivers should be the part of the support team

Van De Garde who also talked about the necessity for ex-F1 drivers to become a part of the support team and help with their experience believes that the issue is not about who is the new figure or head of the FIA.

He quoted “I have known him for a few years. He is a strict guy, rules are rules with him. If you don’t follow them, with him you just get a penalty!”

“I think it is also important who will work with him internally at the FIA, who will be his right or left hand,” Van der Garde.

He said that the person who will work internally with Freitas in the FIA is also very important. He feels that there should be an ex-driver working with him. Especially as his left or right hand to look into racing incidents and will supervise the wrongdoings and behavior of people.

Garde concluded by saying “I think it is important that there is an ex-driver who will be looking on. Especially with the racing incidents, who did what wrong and who did something wrong.

He also suggested that two or three drivers should be selected every year and they should work in a rotation. This will bring the experience of many ex-drivers about the things happening on an F1 circuit.

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